Setting Up a Geofence

About this task

To set up a virtual boundary for your devices:


  1. Open a Device Information panel and switch to the Location tab.
    The Location tab is not visible on devices where location services are not available.
  2. Reposition the map to display the location where you want to place the geofence.
  3. Click the Geofences icon in the Location menu bar.
  4. Click New Geofence and use your cursor to create a shape. Close the boundary by clicking the starting point.
    A geofence can be any shape.
  5. Give your new geofence a name and click Save when you are satisfied.
  6. Click the geofence in the Geofences list to enable it for the device.


By default, you will receive an alert whenever a tagged device exits the geofence. To set up more sophisticated notifications and actions for exit and entry, create a Geofence Alert rule.

Note: If you are creating a lot of geofences within the same area, you may want to hide some of them so that the different boundaries do not add confusion. Click a geofence's name in the geofence list to hide its green shape. Hidden geofences are still active.