Kiosk Mode

Use the Kiosk Mode profile configuration to restrict a device to a custom kiosk display. Kiosk Mode replaces the standard device home screen with a customizable interface that provides the device user access to authorized applications and websites only.

When you create a Kiosk Mode profile configuration, you must also create an Authentication profile configuration with a Device Administrator Password configured. This allows you to dismiss the Kiosk Mode menu directly on the device. You can also choose to configure a User Password Policy. If a user password policy is not defined, device users can access the Kiosk Mode menu immediately after turning on the device. If a user password policy is defined, device users must enter the password to access the Kiosk Mode menu.

Once activated, Kiosk Mode mode can be disabled in two different ways: you can revoke the Kiosk Mode profile configuration or you can disable it directly from the device. On a device with Kiosk Mode enabled, you can access the Administrator menu by swiping up from the bottom of the screen or pressing the back button of the device. Enter the administrator password specified in the Authentication profile configuration associated with the Kiosk Mode profile configuration.

Advanced Kiosk Mode Settings

SOTI MobiControl also offers an alternative to the default Kiosk method. Activty Suppression is a 'polling-based' method that monitors the device for unapproved activities and moves them to the background where the device user cannot access them. You can change the Kiosk method from within the Advanced menu in the Kiosk Mode dialog box.


On the device, the Kiosk Mode menu is displayed as an HTML web page. The template drop-down box in the Kiosk Mode configuration allows you to select a new HTML template from a list of built in templates or create your own custom templates.