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Installing SOTI Assist

Note: Before installing SOTI Assist, make sure the machine on which you want to install it meets the recommended system requirements. See System Requirements for more information.

To install SOTI Assist:

  1. On www.soti.net, download and run the SOTI Assist installer: SetupSOTIAssist.msi.
    Note: MobiControl must be running during SOTI Assist installation.
  2. In the SOTI Assist Setup Wizard, enter the required information.
    See SOTI Assist Setup Wizard for more on what information is required.

During installation, the SOTI Assist installer automatically communicates the SOTI Assist server URL to MobiControl. If you need to change the SOTI Assist server URL, see Updating the SOTI Assist Server URL.

After installation, you can use the SOTI Assist Administration Utility to administer SOTI Assist. See Administering SOTI Assist for more information.

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