iOS Management

SOTI is iOS 11.3 ready

Many companies rely on Apple iOS devices to empower their mobile workers. When Apple launches new devices and operating systems, end-users are quick to upgrade. Your IT department depends on SOTI to secure and manage those devices. SOTI delivers same day support for new Apple devices and iOS versions.

Mobile security has never been more important with users requiring constant connectivity and access to mission-critical data. SOTI MobiControl enables your business to manage and secure any iOS device; iPad or iPhone - corporate-liable or BYOD. Our integrated application and content management features broaden the business mobility capabilities of iOS. The SOTI MobiControl SDK for iOS enables enterprise developers and ISV’s to add advanced device management and security features. When partnered with SOTI, iOS is definitely ready to get down to business.

  • SDK for iOS

    In addition to industry leading support for iOS devices out-of-the-box, SOTI MobiControl’s SDK for iOS enhances your business applications with advanced management capabilities. The SDK enables ISV’s and your company's application developers to add location services, remote support features and to enhance their applications with additional security features. 

  • Device Enrollment Plan

    SOTI support for Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) makes it easy for IT administrators to streamline large deployments of iOS devices while keeping the experience seamless to the end user. Upon enrollment, each device is automatically configured with the required account settings, apps, proxies and VPN settings. You will save money with zero touch deployment and the ability to easily manage device profiles and new devices remotely.

  • Volume Purchase Plan

    Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) simplifies the purchase and distribution of Apps for business and educational customers. SOTI’s integration with VPP allows IT administrators to manage the purchase, distribution, and support of iOS apps. Empower your employees with the apps they need to be productive while managing the flow of corporate data.