Android Management

The broadest and most comprehensive management of Android devices

Android is fast becoming a staple in the enterprise, and the go-to operating system (OS) of choice in many business-critical device deployments. However, it can be challenging for companies to find a solution that gives them the level of management and security they need for their preferred Android devices. SOTI MobiControl, with its industry leading Android management capabilities, ensures Android devices are secured, managed and supported, regardless of OS version or device manufacturer. And with compatibility certification of devices from over 150 Android device manufacturers, SOTI puts companies in the driver’s seat by giving them the freedom to choose the Android devices that best fit their business.

  • Android+ Technology

    SOTI’s Android+ technology was originally introduced to address the lack of management capabilities that enterprises needed to adopt Android devices. Since then, it has evolved to combine SOTI’s unique Android management capabilities, with management capabilities offered by Android Enterprise, as well as those offered by OEMs. The net result of this combination is the most comprehensive Android management available on any Android device.

  • Android Enterprise

    Android Enterprise is Google’s framework for mobility management on devices running Android Lollipop and greater. Unlike the proprietary device management capabilities introduced by Android OEMs, Android Enterprise gives enterprise IT a more consistent management experience across Android devices from different manufacturers. SOTI MobiControl offers the most comprehensive support for Android Enterprise and supports all deployment types from BYOD to dedicated-purpose. SOTI’s commitment to Android Enterprise guarantees the broadest feature set and future Android device compatibility.  

  • Samsung KNOX

    Samsung KNOX technology solves the challenge of managing both personal and corporate data on Samsung devices. Samsung KNOX advanced containerization technology segments personal and corporate application, data and content at the OS level. SOTI enables IT to manage the corporate side of the device to open the door for powerful features such as VPN for secure communications, single sign-on authentication and data leakage protection within the container.