Multi-OS Compatibility

Making Multi-OS Deployments Easy

Business mobility is a complicated management challenge. Laptop, Smartphone or tablet? BYOD vs. Corporate liable? iOS, Android or Windows? The permutations and combinations seem endless, and sometimes there is no simple choice. One area of the company may require specialized rugged devices, and another just needs a standard smartphone. Businesses want an EMM solution that is form-factor and OS independent; able to support their requirements for one type of device, or many. SOTI is completely device and operating system agnostic.

No one knows the nitty-gritty details of mobile devices as well as SOTI. Our strong relationships with over 70 hardware manufacturers give us incredible insight into development road maps. We know about new devices and features early, and we make sure that we work with them perfectly when they are released. SOTI runs an in-house device certification program to ensure that new hardware, and operating systems work as expected. SOTI does all the hard work, leaving the easy EMM decisions for the enterprise.

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