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E-book - Technology Spurs Shopper-Centric Retail

Consumer behavior; how, when and where people shop, is always changing. Good retailers know this and adapt to the change in the short term, while predicting where it will lead in the long term. Retailers are using technology to drive their “Shopper-centric” philosophy. They are deploying mobile devices and IoT endpoints across the entire supply chain to reduce prices, increase visibility and create a faster, seamless shopping experience in the store, online, and through any other channel.

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E-book - Picking a Winner: Which Mobile Operating Systems are Best for your Company?

Mobile technology is always moving and changing. This can make it tough to pick the right solutions for your company. You need to keep an eye on everything — market trends, industry standards, hardware, operating systems and applications — and then you need to figure out how it all works together. When the time is right, you consider everything you know to pick a winner and place your bet on the future.

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Managing Mobility Tsunami

Mobile and IoT devices are used by organizations across the world and alongside the growth in numbers, we are experiencing a revolutionary technology wave of an unprecedented scale.

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Don’t Come Last in a Mobile-First Future

The era of desktop computing has ended. Smart companies know that business mobility is critical to their long-term success. They are accelerating their investment in mobile technology — more devices, apps, content and back-end systems. They are turning into ‘Mobile-first’ companies. However, this new philosophy does not come without challenges. Dealing with scale, diversity, interoperability and remote support for all the new devices and endpoints are just a few of them. Mobile-first companies are looking for mobile-first solutions to help them address these new challenges.

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