Waste Disposal Service Provider APM Digitizes Paper-Based Work Processes with SOTI Snap and Saves 30 Working Hours a Day

SOTI Snap also supports APM in reducing truck damage and saves repair costs of €10,000 per year

Munich, GERMANY – February 05, 2021 – APM Abfallwirtschaft Potsdam-Mittelmark GmbH (APM), a municipal waste management company based in the state Brandenburg in Niemegk, is digitizing processes that were previously done manually, saving 30 hours a day for its team of 90 drivers. In addition to streamlining its operations, APM has also reduced the damage to its trucks caused by illegal waste disposal by using SOTI Snap, a cross-platform mobile app development solution introduced to them by Lara Office. The repair costs amounted to more than €10,000 per truck per year.

As a third-party representative of the public waste management agency, APM is responsible for the collection and disposal of waste in the greater Potsdam-Mittelmark area, including the disposal of private and commercial waste and the professional disposal of medical waste.

Digitization of Processes Saves Time and Money
When an APM driver receives a work order, all details must be recorded on a form – for example, the name of the driver, the license plate number of the vehicle used, at what time they leave their location, whether the truck needs to be refueled, as well as any special instances that occur during the day. This information is handwritten with pen and paper and scanned once completed. Each driver spends about 15 to 20 minutes a day logging this information. Due to the fact that this process is usually completed at the end of the day important details are often forgotten, incorrectly assigned or illegible.

Additionally, drivers often find incorrectly sorted or even prohibited items in the garbage containers they collect. This is not only illegal, but also causes damage to the garbage containers or collection vehicle superstructures, for example if a bowling ball or bricks are placed in the garbage and hits against equipment upon disposal. In the worst cases this can lead to a complete vehicle breakdown and considerable repair costs. In order to make customers aware and to prevent such damage, APM now marks containers that have prohibited items with a red sticker to indicate to the drivers to not empty the container. However, this sticker is relatively easy to remove, and often leads to the container being removed despite the illegal waste.

Overhauling Manual Processes with an Automated Solution
APM needed an automated solution to digitize its paper-based workflows to ensure greater efficiency and flexibility.

"We created our new applications with SOTI Snap very quickly and tailored them completely to our needs," said Volker Gävert, Head of IT Department, APM Abfallwirtschaft Potsdam-Mittelmark GmbH. "Shortly after the introduction, we were able to recognize massive operational and commercial advantages for us. With these apps, our company not only saves time and money, but also makes the work of our drivers much easier. The benefits are enormous."

By digitizing paper-based processes using SOTI Snap, APM was able to reduce the administrative workload of each driver by at least 15 to 20 minutes each day – a daily time saving of about 30 hours among their 90 drivers. The time previously spent filling out forms at headquarters can now be used more productively.

Furthermore, drivers can now use the app to document illegally disposed objects in real-time. In addition to the potentially damaging effects on the environment, this also saves repair costs on vehicles due to incorrectly disposed objects and materials, with a cost of up to €10,000 for each truck the potential savings are massive.

"APM has created seven individual applications with SOTI Snap in a very short time, which help to achieve higher operational efficiency, in turn increasing productivity and improved customer service," said Stefan Mennecke, VP of Sales, Central and Southern Europe, SOTI. "New requirements or change requests that arise can be implemented and made available to employees in just a few minutes.”

For more information on how APM is driving its business forward using SOTI Snap, read our latest case study.

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