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The packages listed below include:
  • Pocket Controller-Enterprise Device Software License - The number of device licenses is limited by the type of package purchased (i.e. See the Device License size in the table below).
  • Pocket Controller-Enterprise Desktop Tools License - The desktop tools can be run on any number of desktop or notebook computers; there is no restriction.
  • Product Service - Product service includes phone and email support as well as free upgrades of the product for the term of the Service Period purchased.

Select the package you would like to purchase:

Service Period
Package Price Purchase
5 Pack12 Months$225.50 USD
5 Pack24 Months$292.50 USD
10 Pack12 Months$450.00 USD
10 Pack24 Months$585.00 USD
20 Pack12 Months$900.00 USD
20 Pack24 Months$1170.00 USD
50 Pack12 Months$2250.00 USD
50 Pack24 Months$2925.00 USD
100 Pack12 Months$4500.00 USD
100 Pack24 Months$5850.00 USD

Billing Information  

Applicable taxes for Canadian customers will be calculated on the checkout page. Prices are subject to change.

For information about other license configurations please contact us..