Upgrading SOTI MobiControl

Before you begin

Review the upgrade path and release notes carefully to plan your upgrade process.

Note: As with any IT change, SOTI strongly recommends that you test all product upgrades in a pre-production environment. If you do not already have such practices in place, you can contact SOTI's Professional Services and Support teams for consultation before proceeding with your upgrade.

About this task

To upgrade your installation of SOTI MobiControl:


  1. Back up your SOTI MobiControl database.
    While the SOTI MobiControl setup wizard will automatically back up your database, it is good practice to also back it up independently. If you are running a non-Express edition of Microsoft SQL Server, you can back up your database using the Backup tool provided with the Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager. You can also use a third-party back up utility.
  2. Shut down your current SOTI MobiControl deployment servers and close the SOTI MobiControl console.
  3. Download the SOTI MobiControl installer from the SOTI web site and move the installer to the computer on which you want to upgrade SOTI MobiControl.
    See Upgrade Path for information about which installer you need to download for the upgrade.
  4. Run the SOTI MobiControl installer as an administrator to launch the SOTI MobiControl setup wizard.
  5. Follow the instructions in the setup wizard.
    Warning: When selecting which features to upgrade, if you deselect a feature that was installed previously, the setup wizard will remove that feature during the upgrade.


Once you have completed the wizard, it will automatically upgrade your version of SOTI MobiControl

What to do next

Your devices will have a warning sign in the SOTI MobiControl console. It is an indication that agent upgrade must be enabled for the automatic upgrade of device agents to proceed.