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Delivering Risk-free Mobility

Whether you move people or products, mobility is revolutionizing your industry. The logistics and transport industries are seeing a growing reliance on mobile devices to improve customer service, reduce costs, and increase productivity. The downside is that more mobile devices also means; more complexity, more IT headaches, and more risk. SOTI eliminates risk, and relieves those headaches. We make it easy to deploy, manage, secure and support all of your mobile devices; laptops, tablets and smartphones, purpose-built or consumer-grade.  SOTI helps you deliver better than the competition.

From Zero to Go in Minutes

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  • Deliver Enhanced Productivity

    Many of your drivers, or other workers in your supply chain are mobile. They depend on a mobile device for all of their communications and information. SOTI enhances the capabilities of all mobile devices. It doesn’t matter what form factor or operating system, SOTI supports it. We keep your devices secure, and we can help locate them if they are lost or stolen. We also manage what’s on the device; what applications, data, or documents. SOTI makes your people on the road as productive as they are in the office, anywhere and anytime.

  • Provide Remote Support

    Mobile devices have become essential to your drivers and mobile workers. They need their device to be working perfectly and they do not have the expertise to fix them. SOTI’s remote support features make it easy for IT staff to communicate with remote users, view what is going on and then help them fix the problem. Remote support is available anywhere and anytime. The problem device does not have to be shipped back to HQ for repair, there is no downtime and no need for a replacement device.

  • Keep Drivers Safe

    Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles or oversee a mobile workforce, there are measures you can take to reduce the risks of distracted driving. SOTI’s distracted driving policies can protect your workers from the dangerous driving. We let you lock down devices or applications based on vehicle speed. SOTI eliminates liability to your organization by enabling lockdown/kiosk mode to limit functionality of your mobile devices on the road.

  • Track your Assets

    Your workers are constantly on the move, and so are their mobile devices. Visibility into where these assets are, and what they are doing can improve your operations. SOTI can track everything a mobile device does and when it does it. Our flexible reporting features make it easy to extract this information to figure out ways to streamline your mobile operations. SOTI helps you keep track of your valuable mobile assets and our robust reporting and analytics capabilities drive efficient mobility management.