Making Manufacturing More Mobile

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry from the outside-in; driven by customer service, and from the inside-out; required for process improvement. This trend is being accelerated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrie 4.0 initiatives whose goal is to automate manufacturing processes even further. The basic principles of the IoT have been established in the manufacturing industry for over 20 years. Industrial Automation and Process Engineering are based on machine to machine (M2M) networks of sensors (endpoints), controllers and actuators (motors, drives, robotics, pumps, and valves) working together to optimize production.

All of these new mobile devices and endpoints integrated into key manufacturing processes require security and management. SOTI makes it easy to manage all the different types of mobile devices and their security, applications, and content. As the Internet of Things grows, we will continue to provide industry leading mobility management for all endpoints.

Creating the Connected Enterprise

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  • Secure BYOD devices

    If a manufacturer is slow to deploy mobile devices to their employees, there is a good possibility that they will use their own to make their job easier. SOTI MobiControl delivers comprehensive device security and management for Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices. SOTI supports OS- level device containerization solutions such as Android for Work, Samsung KNOX, Windows 10 and iOS 9. This enables IT to fully secure and manage the device, and the user can still access personal data, files and applications.

  • Support diverse roles and requirements

    Different types of mobile devices may be required for different roles and different areas of the company. Sales staff may require consumer grade smartphones, whereas maintenance staff or workers on the plant floor may require more ruggedized smartphones and tablets that adhere to the MIL-810-G or IP68 standards. SOTI works with more types, makes, models of devices and endpoints than any other mobility management vendor. We are moving ahead at full speed to deliver the industry’s first unified endpoint management (UEM) solution that will secure and manage the billions of endpoints that will arise from IoT.

  • Manage applications and content

    Different jobs within the manufacturing company require different mobile applications and content on the smartphone or tablet. A plant supervisor may need a mobile MES application or dashboard app, whereas a plant maintenance worker needs access to maintenance schedules, work orders and machine information. SOTI delivers a comprehensive suite of mobile application and content management features. Silent OTA app installation, configuration, updating and removal, licenses management and whitelisting/blacklisting. SOTI Content Library and SOTI hub deliver a secure platform for the managed distribution of corporate content to/from mobile devices. If required, SOTI can mandate Kiosk mode to completely lock down the device to a single application. 

  • End-to-end device and data security

    Documents, data and corporate content must remain private and secure no matter where it is located; on company servers, workstations or even mobile devices. SOTI MobiControl supports Active Directory (Azure AD), Common Authentication Card (CAC), biometric & two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to valuable corporate data and documents. In addition, MobiControl uses industry leading encryption technology to ensure that any sensitive company information residing on a mobile device in the field or transmitting to and from company servers is as secure as if it was on a workstation back at the office. SOTI makes it fast and easy for the mobile worker to the access the online resources they need to do their job.