Benefit from Technology in the Classroom

Technology is being introduced into classrooms at all grades and levels. Tablets and laptops can provide amazing benefits for both student and teachers. But without the proper management, there is a strong possibility that the experience will be a negative one. Devices in the classroom need to be controlled; to manage what the student can see, and where and when they can see it. SOTI makes it easy for educators to monitor device usage and control what content is accessed. In addition, the devices can be secured and tracked so that they are not easy to lose or steal.

Transforming the Way Students Learn

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  • Engage Students with the Right Information

    In addition to traditional class notes and assignments, technology in the classroom enables rich media like videos and presentations. Educators need to control how they distribute digital content to their students. SOTI enables IT admin to set rules for who sees what documents and what they are allowed to do with them. Students can access class material from anywhere at any time. IT Administrators can maintain an audit trail of document distribution, sharing, and viewing status.

  • Web Without the Risk

    Students have enough distractions in their lives and they do not need a shiny new toy from their school to make it worse. When using laptops or tablets at school, educators want to keep students focused and free of any objectionable content. SOTI lets teacher’s whitelist/blacklist websites to control what a student can see. SOTI also makes it possible to prevent the student from changing device settings and downloading unapproved applications.

  • Real-Time Assistance Anytime, Anywhere

    Mobile technology should be allowed to be mobile. Students often need to take their devices home to complete their homework. SOTI remote view and 2-way chat allows teacher to assist the student with any problems and help them no matter where they are. In addition, IT Admin can use SOTI’s remote control features to fix any problems a student may have with their device.

  • Keep Tabs on your Assets

    Lost or stolen laptops or tablets can be costly. SOTI security mandates two factor authentication to make the device less attractive to theft. In addition, SOTI Location Services can help find lost devices, or remotely wipe and lock-down a device that is considered non retrievable.