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Confidently manage Windows 10 in your organization with an integrated solution from SOTI and Microsoft.

SOTI and Microsoft redefine end-user computing with MobiControl and Windows 10, with an emphasis on one way of working across all Windows desktop and mobile devices with a unified platform for the enterprise. SOTI provides advanced support for the Windows platform with management capabilities for enterprise IT departments deploying Windows 10 on mobile and desktop. Advanced MobiControl features are available on Windows devices.


Seamless Out-of-the-Box Experience

Get your users up and running fast with the managed resources and services that they need to be more productive at work. Users can easily gain access to enterprise resources via a simple self-serve enrollment workflow in Windows 10 that uses their enterprise Active Directory credentials for secure authentication. No special apps to download, no complex configuration required.

Unified Application and Software Management

Streamline app deployment and upgrades with a common platform for application management. Silently install, delete, update or query both in-house enterprise LOB apps and third-party apps available on the Windows Store with a single solution. Advanced application policies enable seamless deployment of APPX and XAP apps to all managed Windows 10 devices.

Robust Policy Management and Feature Control

Whether it's corporate liable, BYOD, or a purpose-built scenario, SOTI's granular security policies and feature control ensure that sensitive corporate data remains secure while users get the most from their Windows 10 devices. Unified policies in MobiControl allow you to govern the use of features including camera, location services, Wi-Fi/VPN/cellular connectivity, and Windows Defender and OS updates across all Windows 10 devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Best in Class Desktop Management

Continuing a strong legacy of supporting the Windows platform, SOTI has the strongest support for managing Windows 10 desktops, with features including Remote Help Desk Suite, Advanced Location Services, Kiosk Mode, and File Synchronization. With the new unified policy management available in Windows 10, you can confidently manage desktop and mobile endpoints with a "one solution, one policy" approach.

Secure Access to Enterprise Resources

Streamline administration and reduce configuration errors that lead to downtime by provisioning certificates and authentication policies in a unified manner across all Windows 10 devices. With Windows 10 and SOTI, users can be up and running with a new, unified experience across all their Windows 10 devices, with secure access to the corporate resources that they rely upon to do more with their day.

Advanced Remote Support

Put users first with advanced remote support capabilities to offer proactive guidance and issue resolution. With MobiControl's Remote Help Desk Suite, you can initiate full remote control sessions with Windows 10 desktop devices. Advanced location services technology can locate and track Windows 10 laptops and tablets, and real-time data collection can diagnose device status and collect real-time data including a broad range of configurable custom data.

Windows 10 Archived Webinar

Open the Window to Endless Possibilities

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  • Windows 10 enhancements
  • EMM security and management enhancements for both enterprises and end users
  • Best in class desktop management
  • Device lifecycle management

SOTI extends enterprise mobility management to Windows 10 to give IT admins and end-users "one way to work" across all Windows 10 devices in the enterprise. SOTI seamlessly provides advanced support for Windows with management capabilities deploying Windows 10 on mobile and desktop.

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Recording Date: August 11, 2015

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Windows 10 Tech Note

The launch of Windows 10 signals a renewed focus by Microsoft on the mobile-enabled modern enterprise. With Windows 10 and SOTI, enterprise IT can take advantage of unified policy management and feature control, making it easier to manage the full breadth of devices across diverse use cases and lines of business. This Tech Note provides an overview of the key enterprise features of Windows 10 and provides insight into the policy management framework available in SOTI MobiControl for managing Windows 10 desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

SOTI Brochure

SOTI MobiControl is a unified enterprise mobility solution that provides the ability to manage mobile devices, applications, content, email, and security within an enhanced, secure, all-in-one offering.


Windows 10 Highlights

Windows 10 heralds a new era of end-user computing with a unified platform for desktop, tablet, and smartphone in the enterprise. Learn more about how SOTI brings advanced management capabilities to enterprise IT and a seamless enterprise experience to end-users.


Tech Talk: Windows 10

Windows 10 is Microsoft's evolution of Windows into a unified platform for end user computing in the enterprise. Let's discover how SOTI MobiControl offers feature rich support for Windows 10 devices. SOTI's support for the Windows 10 platform brings advanced management capabilities for enterprise IT departments deploying Windows 10 on mobile and desktop hardware.