macOS Management

Secure and manage your employee-owned and company-owned Mac computers

Mac computers are a staple in enterprise development and creative teams, but they are also growing in popularity with executives and road warriors. Businesses are increasingly using EMM solutions as the preferred way to manage their growing numbers of Mac computers. SOTI MobiControl 14.1 gives businesses the tools they need to secure and manage their Macs alongside all their other mobile devices.

  • Support BYOD initiatives

    SOTI MobiControl allows businesses to embrace Macs as part of their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. Employees can self-enroll their personally-owned Macs via SOTI MobiControl’s Self Service portal and get their devices provisioned with the settings they need to access company resources.

  • Grant access to company resources

    Grant managed Macs access to email, calendars and contacts. Provision Ethernet, WiFi and VPN connectivity settings, all well as any necessary certificates for encryption and authentication, to ensure secure access to resources on the company network.

  • Secure Mac computers

    SOTI MobiControl improves the security posture of Mac computers accessing company information by enabling organizations to deploy comprehensive authentication, restriction and management policies. Enforce strong authentication policies on employee-owned and company-owned Macs to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing company information on those devices. Lock or wipe Macs that have been misplaced or stolen to prevent leakage of company data. And, restrict features on Macs to prevent the accidental sharing and backup of company information to personal devices or accounts.