MobiControl v13.4 Maintenance Release Notes

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (March 09, 2018) - Download
MD5 Checksum: c39721430360cc1f587afd3e1595ba46

MC-45765 Instances with Webroot related profile configurations will be blocked from upgrading to MobiControl versions where Webroot is deprecated
MC-49452 Changing log levels for Deployment Server in Administration Utility caused Management Service and Search Services to restart
MC-49790 Time Synchronization policy feature appeared for unsupported devices
MC-49953 Added Speed Control and Single App Mode capabilities to Lockdown mode on Android Enterprise devices
MC-50105 Improved logout behavior for users logged into multiple sessions while using IdP
MC-50284 iOS device could not be located while in Lost mode
MC-50346 Added ability to enforce password complexity requirements on Android administrator passwords
Added new feature controls for Kyocera devices: Disable changes to Quick Settings, Disable changes to Battery Settings, Disable changes to Time and Date
MCMR-6892 User confirmation dialog for enabling remote control session was in English on devices with language set to German
Duplicate log entries rapidly consumed space in archive database
MCMR-11828 Resolved issue with Remote Control confirmation dialog not showing as translated for Android device
MCMR-11889 Improved priority settings for some device actions to bypass queue
MCMR-12545 Disabled shut down and reboot device actions for Android Enterprise devices
MCMR-12670 Improved performance of Profile Info Details report
MCMR-13011 After an OS update, the on-screen keyboard on Windows Desktop devices did not appear while in Lockdown mode
MCMR-13030 Fixed potential security risk
MCMR-13099 On some Window Mobile/CE devices, the wrong connection type was reported to the Console
MCMR-13137 The name of a deleted rule was not included in log entry
MCMR-13247 Some customer created apps did not appear in the list of currently running applications when a Windows Desktop device was in lockdown mode
MCMR-13254 The Battery, Memory, Storage Collected Data report had duplicated lines
MCMR-13384 Devices disconnected from Deployment Server when files were pushed due to overtaxed Deployment Server
MCMR-13478 Datalogic device agent did not retrieve serial number of device
MCMR-13316 Resolved issue for Public API not returning Android Security Patch Level for Android device
MCMR-13612 Clarified the text of the DSE Certificate Expiration notification (February 02, 2018)
MD5 Checksum: 6adbce78e70a24bda2076ea31ae9a836

MC-43939 Added entry to device's Information panel that shows the status of ELM activation on Android Enterprise devices
MC-48126 Added option to disable status bar expansion on Android Enterprise devices in lockdown (Activity Suppression) mode
MCMR-7893 Errors occurred if MobiControl and DEP servers did not synchronize for extended periods
MCMR-10234 Removed device specific logs from Console logs to simplify log information
MCMR-10959 Occasionally, the PAS Server went offline due to a timeout error
MCMR-11871 Messages sent from the Console to some Windows devices did not persist if the device entered sleep mode before the device user opened the message
MCMR-11998 Revoking a profile directly from the device did not immediately remove the .pcg file from the device
MCMR-12178 After moving to a new device group, some devices did not switch to new update schedule until they were restarted or manually disconnected and reconnected
MCMR-12213 The Web Console did not update to reflect the correct Android Security Patch on the device
In some cases after upgrade, previously deleted profiles that contained packages appeared in the Console with a "Pending Installation" status
MCMR-12407 Agent versions were incorrect due to a missing period in the Agent Version report
MCMR-12456 In rare cases, the Administration Utility did not completely clear logs
MCMR-12493 Initiating a remote control session on multiple devices at once could cause remote control service to stop
On Android devices running 6.0, SOTI surf failed to load due to inadequate permissions
On rare occasions, the Deployment Server did not shutdown cleanly during nightly maintenance and reported several error messages in the server logs
MCMR-12668 Improved the truncation behavior for data collected by different data collection or TEM rules
MCMR-12700 A profile configuration corrupted during an upgrade caused performance issues
MCMR-12736 Device Tree With Last Disconnect Time report incorrectly reported some devices as offline
MCMR-12995 Time Synchronization policy feature was visible for unsupported devices
MCMR-13068 Fixed potential security risk
MCMR-13088 Application configuration did not support white spaces as part of keys and values (January 12, 2018)
MD5 Checksum: a15c2e4ccdcaa74ada4b1f352706adf2

MC-22974 Added Bitdefender offering to support MobiControl Antivirus offering
MCMR-11192 API requests were denied while FIPS was enabled
BSSID was not accurately collected from Windows CE 5.0 devices
MCMR-12175 Subgroups did not correctly inherit custom attribute values
MCMR-12238 Virtual groups did not automatically update to display newly enrolled Android and Zebra devices
MCMR-12478 Packages could not be deleted if a draft profile with no versions existed in the system
MCMR-12503 %sdcard% macro resolved to external storage rather than internal storage on some Windows Mobile 5.0 devices
In rare circumstances, the database did not adequately remove device reference information when a device was deleted and device could not re-enroll
MCMR-12581 Duplicate entries in the database for a single app prevented its installation on iOS 11 devices
MCMR-12583 Improved the performance of Device Activity report
MCMR-12594 Some reports did not log the user who triggered them
MCMR-12623 Improved the performance of the Log Information report
MCMR-12649 SOTI surf profile configuration did not immediately alert the user when a URL was invalid
MCMR-12690 Custom attributes could not be searched using Japanese characters
MCMR-12939 iOS devices did not check in due to an incompatibility between hash generator and FIPS
MCMR-12946 Application catalog did not correctly apply application configurations to iOS devices
MCMR-13123 Updated Google Play Store search in Application Catalog rule to use HTTPS (December 19, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: 237c60cc27164ddd2080bcd9f993f258

Newly enrolled devices or devices moved into scope of a Profile do not receive the Profile if it had a new version scheduled for assignment in the future
MC-45502 Added new Packages information panel on the Devices tab
MC-46086 Improved re-enrollment behavior to preserve Device ID
MC-50150 Device certificates remained on the device even after they expired
MCMR-8420 Fixed Deployment Server issue that stopped the auto-renewal of some certificates
MCMR-11469 Some Samsung APIs were not reflected in the Web Console
MCMR-11546 On some Windows Mobile devices, device to FTP server file transfers did not work when server address was in IP address format
MCMR-12075 After upgrade from v11, certain iOS profiles could not be revoked
MCMR-12094 Disabled the iOS feature control option "Force Encrypted Backups"
MCMR-12099 Enrollment of iOS devices failed when the Terms and Conditions document contained Japanese characters
MCMR-12283 VPP apps that existed as both App Store and B2B apps were not successfully pushed to iOS devices
MCMR-12423 Removed duplicate queries to database to improve performance
MCMR-12436 When devices were moved between virtual groups, the applicable file sync rule assignments were not updated immediately
MCMR-12523 When deploying packages to a large number of devices, occasionally the Deployment Server queue exceeded its limit and began dropping connections
MCMR-12567 Reports were occasionally generated with empty rows and columns inserted between the data
MCMR-12582 Upgrade failed if it detected duplicate packages
MCMR-12739 Language for logs did not match language set for Console interface
MCMR-12977 Improved Deployment Server behavior when identical device IDs were encountered and compared (November 24, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: d293a0436b05c3381fb992446b2c8e65

MC-43258 Improved the workflow to force regular or VPP App Store application updates on iOS devices
MCMR-8388 Occasionally, iOS applications updated within an Application Catalog rule continued to display outdated version information
MCMR-9715 Default icon for a Web Clip appeared on the device instead of the custom image set in the profile configuration
MCMR-11187 Occasionally, Admin Utility timed out while updating certificates
MCMR-11349 Hid the Data Diagnosis tab in the Admin Utility to prevent false error alerts
MCMR-11383 In rare cases, opening a new tab caused the SOTI surf browser to fail
Certain logs for the Deployment Server were not displayed on the Servers tab
MCMR-11623 Added ability in SOTI surf browser to use intents to implement web page fall back in cases where necessary app is not installed
MCMR-11741 %AUTONUM% macro used for device naming did not resolve properly for Windows Mobile/CE devices that were factory reset and re-enrolled
MCMR-11834 Rarely, custom data was not displayed for devices due to a caching error with the database
MCMR-11885 After upgrade, duplicate application entries caused minor errors in the database
MCMR-11980 Windows Mobile devices in lockdown mode were still able to access and modify profile and package settings
MCMR-12015 Occasionally, file sync rules did not update files according to schedule
MCMR-12089 Lockdown mode disabled the volume buttons on devices running Windows 10 with the desktop agent
MCMR-12113 Occasionally, bookmarks opened in the SOTI surf browser did not navigate to the correct web page
MCMR-12189 Rarely, device feature controls persisted on devices after they were moved to a new device group that did not have feature controls applied
MCMR-12442 Added 'Select All' and 'Deselect All' options to Android device agent selection portion of add devices rule to improve user experience
SB-3894 Added option in SOTI surf profile configuration to force browser to open new tabs in background
SB-3906 Yahoo search engine displayed results from Yahoo India regardless of device location