MobiControl v13.4 Maintenance Release Notes

Issues Addressed

The following customer reported issues which may not affect all instances of MobiControl have been addressed: (January 12, 2018) - Download
MD5 Checksum: a15c2e4ccdcaa74ada4b1f352706adf2

MC-22974 Added Bitdefender offering to support MobiControl Antivirus offering
MCMR-11192 API requests were denied while FIPS was enabled
BSSID was not accurately collected from Windows CE 5.0 devices
MCMR-12175 Subgroups did not correctly inherit custom attribute values
MCMR-12238 Virtual groups did not automatically update to display newly enrolled Android and Zebra devices
MCMR-12478 Packages could not be deleted if a draft profile with no versions existed in the system
MCMR-12503 %sdcard% macro resolved to external storage rather than internal storage on some Windows Mobile 5.0 devices
In rare circumstances, the database did not adequately remove device reference information when a device was deleted and device could not re-enroll
MCMR-12581 Duplicate entries in the database for a single app prevented its installation on iOS 11 devices
MCMR-12583 Improved the performance of Device Activity report
MCMR-12594 Some reports did not log the user who triggered them
MCMR-12623 Improved the performance of the Log Information report
MCMR-12649 SOTI surf profile configuration did not immediately alert the user when a URL was invalid
MCMR-12690 Custom attributes could not be searched using Japanese characters
MCMR-12939 iOS devices did not check in due to an incompatibility between hash generator and FIPS
MCMR-12946 Application catalog did not correctly apply application configurations to iOS devices
MCMR-13123 Updated Google Play Store search in Application Catalog rule to use HTTPS (December 19, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: 237c60cc27164ddd2080bcd9f993f258

Newly enrolled devices or devices moved into scope of a Profile do not receive the Profile if it had a new version scheduled for assignment in the future
MC-45502 Added new Packages information panel on the Devices tab
MC-46086 Improved re-enrollment behavior to preserve Device ID
MCMR-8420 Fixed Deployment Server issue that stopped the auto-renewal of some certificates
MCMR-11469 Some Samsung APIs were not reflected in the Web Console
MCMR-11546 On some Windows Mobile devices, device to FTP server file transfers did not work when server address was in IP address format
MCMR-12075 After upgrade from v11, certain iOS profiles could not be revoked
MCMR-12094 Disabled the iOS feature control option "Force Encrypted Backups"
MCMR-12099 Enrollment of iOS devices failed when the Terms and Conditions document contained Japanese characters
MCMR-12283 VPP apps that existed as both App Store and B2B apps were not successfully pushed to iOS devices
MCMR-12423 Removed duplicate queries to database to improve performance
MCMR-12436 When devices were moved between virtual groups, the applicable file sync rule assignments were not updated immediately
MCMR-12523 When deploying packages to a large number of devices, occasionally the Deployment Server queue exceeded its limit and began dropping connections
MCMR-12567 Reports were occasionally generated with empty rows and columns inserted between the data
MCMR-12582 Upgrade failed if it detected duplicate packages
MCMR-12739 Language for logs did not match language set for Console interface
MCMR-12977 Improved Deployment Server behavior when identical device IDs were encountered and compared (November 24, 2017)
MD5 Checksum: d293a0436b05c3381fb992446b2c8e65

MC-43258 Improved the workflow to force regular or VPP App Store application updates on iOS devices
MCMR-8388 Occasionally, iOS applications updated within an Application Catalog rule continued to display outdated version information
MCMR-9715 Default icon for a Web Clip appeared on the device instead of the custom image set in the profile configuration
MCMR-11187 Occasionally, Admin Utility timed out while updating certificates
MCMR-11349 Hid the Data Diagnosis tab in the Admin Utility to prevent false error alerts
MCMR-11383 In rare cases, opening a new tab caused the SOTI surf browser to fail
Certain logs for the Deployment Server were not displayed on the Servers tab
MCMR-11623 Added ability in SOTI surf browser to use intents to implement web page fall back in cases where necessary app is not installed
MCMR-11741 %AUTONUM% macro used for device naming did not resolve properly for Windows Mobile/CE devices that were factory reset and re-enrolled
MCMR-11834 Rarely, custom data was not displayed for devices due to a caching error with the database
MCMR-11885 After upgrade, duplicate application entries caused minor errors in the database
MCMR-11980 Windows Mobile devices in lockdown mode were still able to access and modify profile and package settings
MCMR-12015 Occasionally, file sync rules did not update files according to schedule
MCMR-12089 Lockdown mode disabled the volume buttons on devices running Windows 10 with the desktop agent
MCMR-12113 Occasionally, bookmarks opened in the SOTI surf browser did not navigate to the correct web page
MCMR-12189 Rarely, device feature controls persisted on devices after they were moved to a new device group that did not have feature controls applied
MCMR-12442 Added 'Select All' and 'Deselect All' options to Android device agent selection portion of add devices rule to improve user experience
SB-3894 Added option in SOTI surf profile configuration to force browser to open new tabs in background
SB-3906 Yahoo search engine displayed results from Yahoo India regardless of device location