SOTI Hub Release Notes

v14.1 January 31, 2018

Please Note: You must upgrade to MobiControl v14.1.0 and install the latest version of Enterprise Resource Gateway to use these new features.

Expanded Repository Support

SOTI Hub now supports more options for content repositories. You can add SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business or OneDrive as repositories to SOTI Hub, allowing your device users to access more services. These cloud repositories require minimal setup so you can easily integrate SOTI Hub into your workflows.

File Editing

Device users can now 'check-out' a file, make modifications to it, and then check the file back into the repository, sharing their changes with other users on the repository. This option is only available on SharePoint 2013 (On-Premises) and SharePoint Online content repositories and must be enabled by the administrator in the SOTI Hub profile configuration.

Application Redesign

The SOTI Hub app has been slightly rearranged to better group certain features and improve the user experience.

v13.3 August 03, 2017

Original Release v13.3 on August 03, 2017


Mandatory Folders and Files

You can now designate certain files or folders in your content repository as "Mandatory" downloads. These files and folders are automatically downloaded by the SOTI Hub app when it connects to the content repository. Mandatory files and folders appear in a separate menu item in the SOTI Hub app, allowing device users to easily and swiftly access these important documents. Device users will be unable to remove these files from the app.


To take advantage of these new features, you must also upgrade your MobiControl instance to MobiControl v13.3.0.3623 or later.

v13.2 - August 31, 2016

Original Release v13.2 on August 31, 2016

Release Highlights

  • Improved Compatibility
  • Greater Data Leakage Prevention Options
  • SOTI Apps Extension

Improved Compatibility

The latest version of SOTI Hub supports more environments than ever. You can use the SOTI Hub app on iOS (8+) devices. You can also now use SharePoint 2013 (on Premise) servers as content repositories.

Greater Data Leakage Prevention Options

SOTI Hub increases your control over enterprise content and potential data leakage by adding an integrated viewer. Users no longer need to leave the SOTI Hub app to view documents on a third-party app. You can also restrict sharing and printing of files. Refer to SOTI Hub documentation for a list of supported file types.

SOTI Apps Server Extension

The SOTI Apps Server Extension is a complementary component for SOTI Hub that adds additional functionality. When installed and enabled, users of the app receive better search functionality, including intermittent search, where results are returned as they are found rather than after the whole repository is searched. It also supports the automatic resumption of paused downloads after a network connection is interrupted. The SOTI Apps Server Extension is only available on WebDAV servers.

Download the SOTI Apps Server Extension from the SOTI download page. Refer to SOTI Hub documentation for installation instructions.

v12.2 - May 27, 2015

Original Release v12.2 on May 27, 2015

Product Launch

The SOTI Hub app provides a secure gateway between your enterprise content and your employees’ mobile devices. When you deploy the app to your enrolled devices, employees can access corporate files from outside your organization's internal network. Device users install the SOTI Hub app that is configured by MobiControl administrators using a profile configuration. Once SOTI Hub is set up, users can access any file within their organization's content repository although administrators have the option to limit file access based on file type and network connection.

SOTI Hub is available on devices running Android 4.1 or later. See our documentation for more information.

  • Download, open, edit and delete files
  • Compatible with WebDAV servers
  • Integration with Enterprise Resource Gateway enables you to control internet traffic using a proxy server
  • LDAP authentication
  • Designate files as "Favorites"