SOTI Assist Release Notes

v1.0.5 -- Build 303 -- June 11, 2018

Original Release v1.0.5_B303 June 11, 2018 (Download)

Release Highlights

Following are the features and the enhancements completed in this release.

Installer Updates

  • For new installations, administrators can specify whether they want SOTI Assist to use a single database or multiple databases, and provide an optional database name prefix.
  • SOTI Assist can be deployed on servers where the FIPS option is enabled.


The following issues have been addressed in this release:

HD-3808 Configurable database name prefix.
HD-4538 Deploy SOTI Assist in a single database instance.
HD-6534 A non-admin, non-technician MobiControl user cannot create an incident from the remote control standalone page.
HD-6542 SOTI Assist on-premise installation not working over MobiControl 14.1.2 - FIPS enabled on server.
HD-6544 Connection encryption is not applied after installer merge.
HD-6684 Remote control HTML: non-admin/non-technician user of SOTI Assist cannot create/embed into incident from standalone remote control.
v1.0.4 -- Build 249 -- April 30, 2018

Original Release v1.0.4_B249 April 30, 2018 (Download)

Release Highlights

Following are the features and the enhancements completed in this release.

GDPR compliance

SOTI Assist 1.0.4 is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Administrators will be able to remove and export personal data from the system as well as purge tickets and all associated information.

Workflow enhancements

  • Watchlist and ticket activity email notifications. By default, the ticket reporter and assignee are added to the list of ticket watchers and will receive email notifications of ticket changes.
  • Technicians can compose private ticket notes that are not visible to reporters.
  • Ability to send emails with ticket attachments.

Whitelist of domains and email addresses

The administrator can define the list of whitelisted domains and email addresses to control email communication with the system. When configured, only the emails from the whitelist are processed by the system.

v1.0.2 -- Build 4370 -- September 13, 2017

Original Release v1.0.2_B4370 September 13, 2017

Release Highlights

Following are features and enhancements completed in this release.

Workflow Enhancements

Based on the admin settings, a technician will have to add at least one predefined tag to the incident and will have to provide a resolution note on closing.

In addition, a technician can call the device info page from MobiControl directly from the SOTI Assist incident page.

Remote Control Pop Out

Provides the ability to pop out an active remote-control session from the SOTI Assist incident page. The pop out will maintain all session states and it will be displayed in a separate browser window.

SOTI Assist Database Recovery Mode

By default, SOTI Assist database recovery mode is set to simple. This option is more suitable for cloud and other deployments where drive space is limited.

Last Update Time

The last incident update time is included in the incident list.


The following issues have been addressed in this release:

HD-3408 Edit deleted ticket: There is an inconsistent behavior if activities are initiated or modified.
HD-3668 Add Note field allows user to input more than 4000 characters.
HD-3835 SOTI Assist device search is not reporting correct icon for Windows Modern desktops.
HD-3994 Dashboard: Incorrect search field placeholder text.
HD-4028 Confirmation dialog should dismiss on failed delete for a group that contains tags.
HD-4200 Tags: Scroll should be placed at top in the default view and after update.
HD-4989 Firefox browser: Remote Control file search not supporting backspace or arrow keys.
HD-4991 Settings (predefined tags): "+" has had an incorrect position and overlap with field's line for a moment.
HD-4992 Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers: Remote Control pop-out invalid state error.
HD-5008 Licensing: The error message "An instance of SOTI Assist is already activated against this MobiControl" is not displayed.
HD-5014 Installer fails to rollback database when the tables are open/active in SQL Server.
HD-5047 'Attach Remote Control screenshot' functionality should be enabled once the device is embedded into a ticket from standalone page.
HD-5050 Remote Control startup doesn't give error message/terminate for offline devices/devices with limited connectivity in SOTI Assist/MobiControl.
HD-5060 Remote Control panel image not preserved upon pop-out for Lenovo tab in all browsers.
HD-5063 Device Info tab in SOTI Assist Remote Control panel not displaying info as per MobiControl device details tab.
HD-5085 Long device names should show ellipses in device association panel.
HD-5116 Remote Control session log duration flickers when multiple devices are being Remote Controlled in same incident.
HD-5127 Installer does not show any databases when Windows authentication is used to connect to MobiControl SQL Server.
HD-5155 SOTI Assist admin utility displays false error for SOTI Assist service field.
HD-5162 Device screen not aligning to the center of Remote Control panel.
HD-5168 Device detail URL feature causing errors in MobiControl console.
v1.0.1 -- Build 4160 -- August 15, 2017

Original Release v1.0.1_B4160 August 15,  2017


Release Highlights

Following are features and enhancements completed in this release.

Preview File Attachments

Provides the ability to preview image attachments in the incident page. Previously, in order to view an image attached to an incident, you must download the attached image and view it using external tools. With this enhancement, the image is displayed inline within the incident.

Export Incident Tags

Include incident tags in Export to CSV functionality. Predefined and user defined tags are now included in the Export to CSV functionality.

Support HTML for Outbound Emails

Emails from SOTI Assist are now sent in HTML format.


Following issues were addressed in this release:

HD-4073 Admin Utility throws error with a Wildcard Cert Admin Utility
HD-3577 RC panel does not come back to default position Remote Control
HD-4547 RC session page: Embed in New/Existing incident control is lost if during session the trial license has been extended. Remote Control
HD-4562 Device button icon overlay with pan icon in small browser size Remote Control
HD-4578 RC crash on mix image quality Remote Control
HD-4581 UI: Spanner and cancel Icon doesn't display on file explorer, search result Remote Control
HD-3685 Setting button is available if the license is expired. Settings
HD-4576 Clicking 'Add' Note more than once (on slow connection) should not add duplicate notes Ticket Activities
HD-4597 Client: Auto re-size for activities is not handled correctly on ticket page. Ticket Activities
HD-4490 Incorrect message is displayed if the MC installation ID is not defined for the existing registration code. Trial Activation
HD-4960 Clicking on RC button doesn't replace current image preview in RC Panel. Remote Control
HD-4577 In IE, Edge browsers, long note texts are not wrapped UI
HD-4028 When deleting tag group with tags, delete confirmation dialog does not close UI
HD-3154 Field validation behavior should be consistent between SLA and Email UI
v1.0 -- Build 3918 -- May 9, 2017

Original Release v1.0.3918 on May 9, 2017


SOTI Assist is the first help desk solution optimized to fix mobile device problems. The industry-best remote control makes it easy to analyze and resolve mobile device issues from anywhere, at any time. Integration with the SOTI ONE platform gives help desk technicians instant access to device and application information to resolve problems faster, the first time. SOTI Assist keeps your workers working and your help desk staff happy and productive. More information is available in the product documentation.

Release Highlights

  • Incident Management
  • Remote Control
  • Integration with MobiControl

Incident Management

Capture and track incidents from the time they are reported to resolution. This ensures services are restored in a timely manner with minimum impact to business operations.


Filter and search reported incidents. Additionally, provides a summary of reported incidents and insights into team's performance.


Integrate with an external email inbox to support incidents using email as communication channel.

Create Incident from email

Report an incident by sending an email to the inbox. This email is then retrieved and automatically converted into a new incident with the sender as the reporter of the incident.

Email notification

Notify the reporter, person who reported the incident, with an email message acknowledging that the incident is being processed by the help desk team. Also, notify the reporter when the incident is resolved. The notification messages are customizable through templates.

Update Incident through email

The reporter can reply to the incident notification email. The message in the reply is captured within the incident as an input from the reporter.

Communicate through email

Help desk technician working on the incident can send an email to the reporter and to others in the team to communicate and collaborate on the incident.

Contact Information

SOTI Assist supports capturing the contact information of the person reporting the incident that is not found in the system. The contact information can be modified later when necessary.

Link Managed Devices

Find devices managed in MobiControl and link them to incidents.

File Attachments

Attach one or more files directly to the incident. The attached files can be downloaded from the incident. If you wish, you can also delete them from the incident.


Use tags to group Incidents or simply tag for future reference. An incident can be tagged with one or more tags. And from the dashboard you can find incidents matching a specific tag. There are two kinds of tags – predefined and user-defined. Pre-defined tags are tags created and managed by administrators and are available for help desk technicians to select and add them to incidents. User-defined tags are tags that are created by help desk technicians.


Add one or more private notes related to an incident. Added notes are logged as activities within the incident and are only visible to team members.

Link Incidents

Tickets can be linked to one another allowing related incidents to be grouped together to provide a knowledge base of resolution steps for future similar incidents. You can specify the relationship for the linked incident such as 'related', 'blocked by', 'blocking', 'resolves' and 'resolved by'.

Incident Assignment

Work on an incident by assigning it to yourself or assigning it to another team member.

Remote Control

Enables technician to remote into a device linked to an incident. During a remote session, you can view the device’s screen and interact with it, get the latest device information and use the available file browser to explore the device’s file system.

Tools, controls, and options for the remote device screen:

  • Zoom in and out of the screen, zoom to actual size (1:1 ratio), fit device screen to console screen, and pan in zoomed view
  • Capture screen with options to either save a file or attach it directly to the incident
  • Use device buttons available on the device
  • Control image and color quality of the device screen view to improve performance in low bandwidth network

Device information:

  • Total used and available memory
  • Total used and available space of both internal and external storages
  • Screen display information

File browser:

  • Tree view of the filesystem
  • Search the file system for specific files or folders
  • Download files from the device to your local machine

Integration with MobiControl

Zero-touch Configuration

SOTI Assist and MobiControl are automatically configured to work with each other.

Federated Authentication

SOTI Assist will leverage the federated authentication feature in MobiControl to authenticate its users with MobiControl, so that the users can navigate between MobiControl and SOTI Assist without re-login.

Access devices in MobiControl

Enables SOTI Assist to find devices managed in MobiControl, so that they can be linked in incidents.

Access MobiControl users

Search members of user directories (LDAP/AD) configured in MobiControl to find people reporting the incidents.

Create Incident

Create new incidents directly from MobiControl

Remote Control

From MobiControl, initiate a remote control session for a device using SOTI Assist remote control capabilities. When using the web-based RC, the session can be embedded into a new incident or an existing incident. For improved auditing, SOTI Assist can configured to automatically create a new incident whenever remote control is initiated.