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BYOD 2.0

With all the attention being paid to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon in recent years, it comes as no surprise to see the industry already coining the term BYOD 2.0. With this rapid evolution, comes some interesting opportunities and challenges.

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Android for Work

Mobility has reshaped the way we work, regardless of role, responsibility, or industry. The consumerization of IT has accelerated a shift towards mobile computing, with mobile applications and services becoming an integral part of enterprise workflows. Employees expect to be able to use familiar technology at work to be productive while maintaining privacy across their personal device.

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Redefining Mobility Management for Future-Forward Retailers

Consumer behaviors are challenging and disrupting well established retail models, forcing retailers to pivot strategies to keep relevant. More consumers will be engaging retailers through multiple channels than ever before, and consumers are using new ways of transacting in increasing numbers. Consumer preferences to purchase at any time, from anywhere, from any channel are putting demands on the efficiency and capability of every retailer’s IT strategy.

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Mobile Security: Addressing the Evolving Threat Landscape

Mobile computing continues to expand throughout organizations to increase efficiency, empower collaboration, speed workflow, and boost employee productivity. The expansion of enterprise mobility across many organizations is having a transformative effect to their business and fueling product and service differentiation.

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