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The Connected Associate

In response to flattening sales growth, best-in-class retailers are aggressively pursuing the omnichannel — creating a seamless shopping experience across all channels; in-store, online, mobile and social. They are exploiting the Internet of Things (IoT) and deploying exciting new technology in-store; while empowering their “Connected Associates” with training and technology to improve employee engagement and reduce turnover, as well as increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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Field Services - Keeping the IoT “in-service”

A decade ago, field service organizations were early adopters of mobile technology, and now they are quick to embrace the Internet of Things. Exciting new technology such as smart machines, augmented reality and connected vehicles are revolutionizing the industry. But they, and the IoT in general, are creating many new challenges. Issues of scale, diversity, interoperability and security make it more important than ever to deploy an endpoint management and security solution.

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E-book - “Things” are taking over the Internet

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here. It has surpassed the Internet of People (IoP) in size and complexity. Soon, there will be billions of new devices and endpoints connected together to form complex business solutions that run without human interaction or awareness. In this new world of “things” talking to “things”, management and security is more challenging and more important than ever.

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Healthcare Mobility - Taking care back to the community

Healthcare systems around the world are under many stresses - waning staff resources, waxing population pressure, and new technology trends are perhaps the most significant. How are national and private healthcare systems dealing with these stresses and why is there a renewed focus on community-based healthcare?

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