Dine-in and Tech-out

April 15, 2016 | by SOTI Inc, The World's Most Trusted EMM

There is a lot of buzz about digital disruption and it begs the question, what is it, who is doing it, and why? Digital disruptors are individuals or organizations that want to improve…

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Consumers are driving retail mobility

January 13, 2016 | by SOTI Inc., The World's Most Trusted EMM

The "smart" consumer is always looking for new, positive, personalized and more efficient retail experiences. In order for retailers to remain in the game, they will need to evolve and …

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Carl Rodrigues, SOTI President and CEO Recognized as Executive of the Year by Best in Biz

December 08, 2015 | by SOTI Inc, World's Most Trusted EMM

Congratulations are in order for SOTI CEO Carl Rodrigues, who was named a silver winner in this year’s Best in Biz Awards’ “Executive of the Year” category. The fifth annual program …

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November's Mobility Mashup

December 05, 2015 | by SOTI Inc., World's Most Trusted EMM Solution

Let's just dive right in! SOTI SYNC November has been one of our favorite months so far! We started it of with a bang and of course  that's because of SOTI SYNC. Following our first u…

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