Android antivirus protection is included with all licensed SOTI MobiControl instances. In order to offer the best, integrated antivirus protection in the EMM industry, SOTI will be updating the technology powering SOTI MobiControl’s antivirus protection.

Starting this month, SOTI will be updating the SOTI MobiControl Android agents to use the Bitdefender antivirus engine. This will replace the Webroot antivirus engine, which is currently used in Android agents 13.4 and below. All Android agents 13.5 or higher will now use the Bitdefender antivirus engine. As a result of this change, Webroot’s antivirus technology will no longer be supported beyond December 31st, 2018. While there is no immediate impact to customers running Android agents 13.4 and below, they must upgrade their agents by December 31st, 2018 to continue to use antivirus protection. Antivirus policies currently configured in SOTI MobiControl will continue to work with the newer Android agents running Bitdefender’s antivirus technology.

Customers impacted by this notice are encouraged to contact SOTI Support ( for information on the recommended procedure to upgrade your SOTI MobiControl Android agents to a version 13.5 or higher.

If your instance of SOTI MobiControl is out of maintenance, please contact SOTI Sales (

We are committed to assisting you to ensure there is no disruption to your SOTI MobiControl deployment.