Have you ever wondered how you can make the best use of MobiControl?  Here are some quick tips to make your mobility management life easier. Packed full with advanced EMM features, SOTI MobiControl enables businesses to manage their devices efficiently. Below are recommended tips that you to consider:

MobiControl Stage Programmer:

MobiControl Stage Programmer is an out-of-the-box provisioning solution for IT admins. It enables the rapid configuration and deployment of mobile devices with a simple bar code scan, or a single "bump" over NFC. Specify your desired configuration options and you're ready to provision with a tap. Stage Programmer will trigger installation of the MobiControl agent and configure devices over the air. You can provision large deployments with ease and ensure that your teams are able to get to work quickly.

Remote DOS Box Tool:

The remote DOS box allows users to open a DOS box into a remote mobile device and execute DOS-style commands. The DOS box additionally allows scripts (i.e. .cmd files) to be executed from within it or directly from the MobiControl Remote command line.

Settings Manager:

The Settings Manager app enables a MobiControl administrator to provide controlled access to a subset of device settings when a device is in lockdown mode.

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