The "smart" consumer is always looking for new, positive, personalized and more efficient retail experiences. In order for retailers to remain in the game, they will need to evolve and keep pace with the consumers' technological needs.

In our second annual consumer survey which measures shopper experiences, preferences and impact on retailer perceptions, the statistics show that mobility – in all aspects of retail operations – will need to become a significant part of retailers’ technology strategies across their brick and mortar operations.  Consumers are demanding a personalized, efficient experience, and mobile is the only way to deliver it. Key highlights of the study include:

  • 2 out of 3 consumers are more likely to shop at retailers offering in-store mobile technology shopping experiences.
  • 90% of consumers would use an in-store kiosk to optimize their shopping experience.
  • Over 60% of those surveyed would prefer to use an in-store kiosk rather than speaking to a store employee or sales associate.
  • The vast majority of those who responded to our retail survey would like to see more retailers using in-store mobile solutions such as; Interactive displays, kiosks, and barcode scanners.
  • 84% - an overwhelming majority of shoppers polled, would like more in-store location-aware technologies. They want technologies like NFC or iBeacon to deliver customized, location-based coupons and/or promotions.

Retailers must consider what this means for their business. Mobility continues to change the retail landscape by impacting the consumer's shopping experience, and touching every part of the retail ecosystem.

Consumers are trusting but not forgiving

A thought-provoking statistic for retailers: most consumers believe that retailers have safeguards in place to protect their personal and payment information from would-be fraudsters and potential data breaches. Security for in-store mobile technologies and mobile POS systems that protect a shopper's payment data and personal information is important to consumers.

  • Over 80% of those polled assume that their retailers DO have security and privacy safeguards in place on their in-store mobile technologies and POS.


  • 90% are NOT likely to do business with retailers who have suffered a security breach of payment or personal information.

But what is most interesting is that more than half of consumers reported that they would pursue legal action if a retailer leaked their payment data or personal information, an alarming increase of 43% from the previous year.  

What does that mean for the connected retail enterprise?

We're talking about more than just front of house operations.  With consumers leading the charge, retailers are clamoring to deliver a digital retail experience.  From digital signage and virtual concierge to mobile checkout, today’s future-forward retailers are introducing a broad mix of mobile and IoT technologies into their stores to stay competitive.  But with each new endpoint introduced – regardless of form factor – retailers' will have an additional endpoint that needs to be managed and secured.  The connected retailer must consider management solutions that will provide them with the tools needed to manage all their devices and security from the warehouse to the moment of purchase.  From locking down in-store kiosks for a special purpose and pushing updates to digital signage, to securing mobile POS devices, leveraging disparate solutions for each will quickly become a nightmare.  Retailers need a single point of administration with a multi-tiered administration for full visibility, management, and security of their mobile assets and data.  And as retail mobility increasingly becomes critical to driving revenue and basket size, if a device or app goes down, every minute of downtime has the potential to impact sales and a retailer’s reputation.  Remote troubleshooting needs to be built into the mobility management solution to keep devices, apps, and operations up and running.

Keeping pace in this digital era is both a challenge and an opportunity.  Consumer experience and security shouldn't be afterthoughts, they should live as part of an enterprise's mobility strategy.

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