In a corporate environment, companies may choose to purchase mobile devices for their employees (COPE) or allow employees to bring in their own devices (BYOD). This presents the problem of where the company must push down the configuration of specific device settings like Email, WiFi and VPNs in bulk to all of the devices added to the environment. 

The process of pushing these settings to large groups of devices is called provisioning and is one of the major challenges that SOTI works with its customers to solve.

Did you know that within the Settings function, MobiControl can provision to devices? 

MobiControl can use macros to populate the settings with User or Company specific data.

MobiControl can integrate with a company’s domain via LDAP to pull user specific information and store it in Macros. These macros can be used to populate settings for Email or WiFi like user name, domain and email address.

When a device is enrolled into MobiControl, the system can be configured to force the end user to activate with the company’s LDAP server (Active Directory for example). The information about the user will be pulled from the LDAP server to be stored in the MobiControl database and associated with the enrolled device. The Macros used in provisioning will be populated with that user's specific data.

The User’s information from the LDAP server can also be manually associated with a device. An IT system administrator does not have to re-enroll a device to populate these macros if a device is already enrolled. This saves time for the IT system administrator. There is also a feature to import a CSV with user names and device identifiers to associate users to devices in bulk.

Macro Examples: