Apple’s latest iOS 10 release is finally here for our downloading pleasure. It had been the most anticipated and significant iOS revamp since the company overhauled its mobile design in 2013.

Many companies rely on Apple iOS devices to empower their mobile workers. We’re ready for iOS 10 so make sure your business’ enterprise solution is too.

Here are a few enterprise features in the new iOS 10 release to watch out for:

SiriKit makes Siri better than ever

Over 95% of Apple iPhone users have tried Siri. One of the cool things she could do, was launch applications, but with the iOS 10 introduction of SiriKit, amazing things are now possible. SiriKit lets you ‘voice enable’ your enterprise applications, even when the app isn’t running. A Field Service technician can interact with their custom FSM application via natural language – “Siri – Report Job 1378 complete – enroute to Job 1391.”

CallKit simplifies the VoIP experience

VoIP is popular in the enterprise as a way to manage telecom expenses. iOS 10’s new CallKit API integrates VoIP apps with the standard iPhone UI and delivers a consistent user experience for both VoIP and cellular calls. Now you can answer incoming VoIP calls from the lock screen, block calls based on the inbound number, and manage contacts and call logs in the iPhone UI.

AppConfig standardizes app configuration and management

Everyone knows the App Store is full of useful and amazing applications ready for quick installation. The enterprise app story is a bit more complicated. In the past, getting enterprise apps properly configured could be difficult – and every application would have a different way to install and configure. Apple AppConfig delivers a standard approach to app configuration and management.

Unsecured WiFi gets more secure

Sure, it is easy to use geo-fences within SOTI MobiControl to disable WiFi outside of the office, but this may be too extreme. With iOS 10, users will be warned if they are connecting to an unsecured network that could expose network traffic and leave your company vulnerable to intrusions.

iWorks lets your mobile workers collaborate wherever they are

Apple iWorks is a powerful office productivity suite for iOS devices. When it is integrated with the iCloud, it allows mobile workers to edit their documents from anywhere. Now, iWorks allows your users to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentation in the field, as easily and effectively as they do in the office.

As you can see, these new enterprise features improve the user experience. When Apple launches new devices and operating systems, end-users are quick to upgrade. Your IT department depends on SOTI to secure and manage those devices. SOTI delivers same day support for new Apple devices and iOS versions. We did it for iOS 9, and we are ready for iOS 10.

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