Like every new Apple release, the excitement is palpable as Apple unveils new hardware, new software, and new services designed to surprise, delight, and make our lives easier. Like many of you, I will be downloading the new iOS 9 update in the coming days to begin exploring the new features and yes - like millions of others, I will be doing this at work. IT departments around the world will also be on standby - watching carefully as their enterprise users begin installing the update on their personal devices, and making plans to deploy to corporate-owned devices in the near future.

Today, the team at SOTI is happy to announce same-day support for iOS 9 in MobiControl, with the following features that will allow businesses to take advantage of Apple's latest release:

  • Expanded Setup Assistant support – MobiControl can now remove additional Setup Assistant UI screens including Apple Watch pairing and Android Migration.
  • App network usage restrictions – Specify whether the app is allowed to use cellular data, Wi-Fi only, and cellular data while roaming. This feature is important for large organizations that wish to manage data expenses incurred by application use.  
  • Management of pre-installed apps – MobiControl can mandate management of pre-installed apps on managed devices, bringing apps installed by device users under IT control. Prior to iOS 9, end users needed to manually delete the app and then reinstall the same app via the MobiControl enterprise app catalog.
  • App whitelisting – MobiControl will now be able to install applications on managed devices even after the App Store is disabled, giving IT administrators greater control over app deployment and limiting downloading of personal apps on corporate-liable iOS devices.
  • Silent installation – MobiControl can now install enterprise apps silently without device supervision, allowing IT administrators to mandate the use of specific apps on corporate-liable devices.
  • Trusted app verification – Configure MobiControl to trust enterprise application developers, and devices will implicitly trust and install any applications from the developer without prompting the user to “trust” the app. Combined with the silent install feature, trusted app verification provides a significantly improved user experience and eliminates end user intervention during app deployment, reducing help desk calls and ensuring consistency of deployment. 
  • New device restrictions - IT can disable screen recording, trust new enterprise app authors, and treat AirDrop as an unmanaged destination. For supervised devices, SOTI can restrict automatic app downloads, iCloud Photo Library, keyboard shortcuts, modifications of device name and passcode, wallpaper, News, and Apple Watch pairing.

I had the chance to sit down with Graham Watts, our head of iOS product management, and chat about the benefits of new management capabilities for iOS 9.


For an in-depth look at SOTI's support for iOS 9, register today for our new webinar: What's New in iOS 9. Feel free to download our iOS 9 data sheet for additional information!

SOTI is laser focused on making our support for iOS the best in the industry, aligned closely with Apple's continued innovation of the platform for business use. Our customers continue to tell us - it's not just about email and personal productivity, it's about unlocking the enormous potential of iOS for a variety of workflows in a variety of industries. With this latest release and same day support for iOS 9, we are excited to be at the forefront of the continued mobilization of today's enterprise.