The Next Frontier of Mobile Workflows.

Mobility management is continuously evolving, and has moved into the next frontier – peripherals (printers). Mobile printers are the next critical frontier for mobile workflows in field services and sales environments thus providing a significant opportunity for organizations to drive operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Managing printer deployment across the connected enterprise can be costly and time consuming for the IT department – as it typically requires a hands-on approach and can eat away at resources quickly. SOTI Inc’s MobiControl enables IT administrators to save time and budget by providing comprehensive support for over-the-air configuration, firmware updates, device analytics and printer label settings. IT is able to manage Zebra LinkOS’s entire asset base. All LinkOS wireless and Ethernet connected printers are now manageable from a single pane of glass. Everything between deployment to decommissioning – the entire lifecycle of a Zebra printer can be administered by the IT department, saving resources for the connected enterprise.

As a rule, “cradle to grave” management of mobile printers is a complex undertaking in many enterprise environments. Printer workflows are typically only changed by manual tasks that require a mix of end-user and IT intervention. Often times, operational issues require physical access to the device. IT just doesn’t have a centralized view or even control of the connected printer and may even have to rely on non-technical personnel to diagnose issues. The combination of Zebra’s mobile printers and SOTI’s MobiControl empowers organizations to take control and now have a superior options for printer lifecycle management.

With MobiControl an IT administrator can quickly diagnose issues, through the same console that manages the mobile device fleet, minimize downtime, maximize printer utility and extend printer lifecycle management beyond just basic enrolment and configuration.

Once Zebra printers are enrolled, IT admins can remotely configure connected printers specific to a business workflow OR repurpose existing assets for redeployment in a different workflow, track printer health to ensure uptime, printer utility and retrieve logs, create actionable alerts (such as paper jams or when print heads are), data collection, rules and reports and even remotely deliver font packages, printer images and firmware updates without user intervention. Not only are you decreasing the consistent requirement for user input but, also increasing productivity as devices need not be in IT’s physical possession for updates, changes and configuration.

The convergence of all endpoints has moved to the next frontier. The next frontier of mobile workflows in the most critical yet. Enable IT administrators to easily enroll, configure and manage Zebra connected printers along with other mobile endpoints with a single solution.