It's been one jam packed week! SOTI SYNC was a resounding success and was completely sold out! All of our training sessions were filled to the brim with attendees, our partners were excited to receive their awards and everyone enjoyed some wonderful après-conference fun.

Doug Keeley, CEO and Chief Storyteller, The Mark of a Leader hosted SOTI SYNC 2015 - he entertained and inspired the audience with stories of the seemingly impossible:

  • Doug spoke about the Dabbawalla and their amazing achievements not the least of which was receiving their 6 Sigma status
  • Roger Bannister's 4 minute mile - it's amazing what leadership, vision and a great team can do
  • The 12 notes of music, from the Rolling Stones, to Queen and so many other superstar rock bands, their most popular pieces of music really only use a maximum of 12 notes
  • JFK and putting a man on the moon, up until that point in time, getting mankind to the surface of the moon was actually impossible. It had never been done but, all it took was was the vision and passion of then president JFK to accomplish this feat and before the world knew it, Neil's boot print was firmly planted on the moon

Talk about endless possibilities...

Carl Rodrigues, SOTI President and CEO, officially opened the conference and took the stage. In a very authentic moment he told attendees his story - from the very beginning he was an inquisitive child, and truth be told, he hasn't stopped asking questions (trust us). His passion for the product, desire to learn and do more inspires the entire SOTI team to keep dreaming, do more and strive for better. it is in this moment that the theme of the conference is introduced -  "Taking Mobility to Endless Possibilities".

The Frontenac room in the Westin Harbour Castle was the showcase for all of our keynotes.

  • Andrew Toy, Product Management Director at Google - Changing the World Through the Workplace
  • Robin Bienfait, Chief Enterprise Innovation Officer & Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronics America - Enterprise Innovation in an Ever-Expanding Mobile World
  • Maribel Lopez, Author and Founder of Lopez Research and the Mobile Research Council - Delivering Business Value With Right-time Experiences
  • Chadi Elkadri, Chief Innovation Officer, SOTI Inc. - The Future of Smart Enterprise

...and the closing keynote delivered by

  • Col. Chris Hadfield  Astronaut, Commander, CSA and NASA Colonel, RCAF Fighter Pilot

Col. Hadfield's message resonated with the audience. Many tweeted photos of his presentation and shared quotes with their followers. He made us laugh, think and perhaps even dream a little. This closing keynote was engaging and awe inspiring. Everyone in the audience hung to each and every word.

Digital Disruptors Acosta, American Airlines, Frontline Technology Solutions and Peninsula hotels sat on panels and shared what it truly meant to be a disruptor, they shared their challenges and their successes. Partnering with SOTI MobiControl enabled their business transformation. SOTI's clients are moving beyond utilizing our flagship enterprise solution to manage a few devices; they're truly transforming how they do busines in their industry and enhancing their customer experience.

Hear more about Digital Disruption from Chris Bongiovanni, CTO of Frontline Technology Solutions

It wasn't all speakers and training though

SOTI SYNC had some fun networking opportunities, starting with the partner pavilion and ending with the networking event held at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto where conference goers enjoyed, food drink and entertainment under the sea.

Here's a quick look at some of the press coverage we received during day 2 and day 3 of SOTI SYNC:

Thank you for joining us at SOTI SYNC! and if you couldn't make it, we've captured a number of tweets so that we could share as many moments with you as possible. If you were able to make it, you may have been one of the attendees quoted!