It's a big day here at SOTI as we release our latest version of MobiControl - version 12.3. This release is a huge step forward for enterprise mobility management, with support for Microsoft's Windows 10, enhancements to Android for Work, and enhanced support for Apple's Enterprise Programs. MobiControl 12.3 contains a number of significant enhancements designed to give enterprise IT broad support across leading mobility platforms and the most powerful tools available for managing mobility in their enterprise.

Same-day support for Microsoft Windows 10

The modern enterprise needs to integrate mobility across all aspects of their business and will function more efficiently with a converged strategy and EMM solution for management of all form factors. Microsoft's goal of converting 1 billion devices to its newest Windows 10 OS is designed to provide a consistent, unified Windows user experience across any Windows 10 device - desktop, tablet, and smartphone. With this OS convergence comes an opportunity for enterprise IT departments to streamline management policies across Windows 10 endpoints, eliminating the complexity and cost of using multiple management systems.

With our launch-day support of Windows 10 in MobiControl 12.3, SOTI gives enterprise IT a unified solution to manage all Windows 10 devices with streamlined enrollment, management unified policy and application management, and advanced features for Windows 10 desktops. Users can do more with Windows 10, and IT can rest assured that corporate data remains protected.

The launch of SOTI MobiControl 12.3 brings advanced management capabilities for enterprise IT departments deploying Windows 10 on mobile and desktop. Many of the same advanced MobiControl features previously exclusive to Windows Phone devices are now supported across Windows 10 mobile and desktop endpoints bringing the enterprise closer to unifying device management. For a comprehensive look at how SOTI is supporting Windows 10, check out our Windows 10 microsite.

Google Android for Work

SOTI MobiControl 12.3 introduces a number of improvements in SOTI's support for Google's Android for Work program - including Pulse Secure VPN, EMM account enforcement, Google Play private app support and a more intuitive way to configure Android for Work through a more streamlined workflow.

The updates to support private apps and advanced policy enforcement for Android for Work not only will ensure better access for employees, but also that data and apps are always secured and managed by the administrator.

Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

VPP is not only a key pillar of Apple's Enterprise and Education programs but is essential for organizations to distribute volumes of iOS apps to corporate-owned or employee iPhones and iPads. Apple's Volume Purchase Program provides organizations simple and convenient way to manage purchases and distribution of app licenses at scale. MobiControl 12.3 includes enhanced support for Apple's VPP for institutional and enterprise use, allowing IT to streamline the purchase and distribution of iOS apps across their organization.