SOTI hub our newest addition to MobiControl, is a secure mobile content management (MCM), application for organizations looking to securely deploy corporate content to managed mobile devices used in in the field. SOTI hub gives your mobile workers secure access to corporate content at any time, from any location through an intuitive mobile app with full security and manageability. 

The SOTI hub app enables employees in industry segments such as retail, health care, field service and field sales to access secure corporate files outside of the corporate network on managed devices. The mobile enterprise can manage file distribution to mobile employees who rely on secure remote access easily and securely.  

Why is this important to your organization 

End users want access to corporate content, where and when they need it. As many IT managers know, employees will go to great lengths to access content on their mobile devices including utilizing shadow IT measures or collaboration platforms that may not be approved by the IT department.  With SOTI hub, the mobile enterprise can rest assured that employees will no longer need to use unapproved methods or applications to access, edit and update corporate data. SOTI hub provides access to training documentation, sales manuals, product specifications and even video content via the enterprise repository thus, limiting the risk exposure to an organizations documentation.

Why is this important to the mobile workforce 

Your mobile workforce will now have secure anytime, anyplace access to corporate content. Users are able to download files securely from an enterprise repository to SOTI hub, there's no longer any need to send files from corporate emails to personal emails and back again. All the content can be searched, filtered, sorted and grouped with tags making it easy for employees to quickly access required materials when in the field. Downloaded content can be accessed with in SOTI hub, even when the device is not connected to the content repository enabling a productive and efficient work force. 

Why is this important to for Corporate IT Managers 

Mobile users can access files conveniently on their Android device from the enterprise repository and if by chance the user changes roles, or the device is lost of stolen, access can be limited, upgraded or immediately revoked - cached copies of files within the SOTI hub app can be wiped either on-demand or as a part of a defined IT policy. 

Simple configuration will save IT managers time by connecting directly to the enterprise repositories over the webDAV protocol providing secure content access. Permissions for the corporate repositories are defined by LDAP group membership inherited from MobiControl. 

With flexible policy management, IT administrators can configure SOTI hub using MobiControl's intelligent policy controls to provision content based on flexible criteria. IT can configure repositories, mappings and connection settings (e.g. requiring employees to download content from WiFI only or cellular and perhaps not allowing for it while roaming), for the device users or group making it easier to manage bandwidth charges. 

Managing who has access, how content is accessed and where staff can access content is important, security is always top of mind. IT administrators can lock SOTI hub after a configurable period of inactivity and require the user to unlock with their login and password. Also, devices must remain in MobiControl management for employees to access corporate content otherwise, SOTI hub is automatically locked. Actions in SOTI hub can be triggered by alerts - geolocation, of-of-contact policies can be defined and IT administrators can lock users out using defined security policies and all of this can be done with in MobiControl's management console. 

Additional SOTI hub details

The SOTI Hub app is initially available for Android devices running Android Jellybean 4.3 and above, and can be deployed via MobiControl to managed devices. The SOTI Hub app is installed separately from the SOTI MobiControl agent. An iOS version of the SOTI Hub app is planned for release later this year. 

Want to learn more about SOTI hub  

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