We didn't quite have the opportunity to post our Mobility Mashup last month. August and September have been jam-packed with important events. Let's get you up to speed...

SOTI MobiControl 12.4 - our fourth release of MobiControl in 2015!

September 30th marked the fourth release of MobiControl in 2015. MobiControl 12.4 went live and we're announcing our Expanded Support for iOS 9 and Identity Management with Cisco ISE.

Android M

September 29th, We announced our support for Google Android Marshmallow. Android Marshmallow boasts some significant improvements in terms of security and end user experience. Check out our blog post for more details: Do S'More In the Enterprise with Android M and SOTI MobiControl

Then there was this:

Handheld Group announced their strategic alliance with SOTI on September 22nd. The press release was spotted in the wild (Times Square in New York to be exact).

What does all this mean?

Handheld Group certified their devices within the SOTI OEM partner program which enables their reselling partners to offer SOTI’s advanced technology to quickly provision devices, content and applications without end user intervention or downtime. Handheld chose us because of our vertical expertise and device control.

Apple iPad Pro Set to Take Over the Enterprise

The iPad Pro is much larger than its predecessor and works in conjunction with a smart keyboard and a stylus called an Apple Pencil. The article suggests that Apple seems to be targeting enterprise employees who digest content on their personal iDevices at home and that the iPad Pro will succeed in the enterprise because Apple waited for it's competition to fizzle out and is now re-invigorating the market place with this new product.

Apple Ups It’s Security Game with iOS9

Apple is upping it’s security game in iOS 9 by mandating the use of a 6-digit passcode. Why is this important to business? Download SOTI’s Mobile Security White Paper to learn why.

SOTI is laser focused on making our support for iOS the best in the industry, aligned closely with Apple's continued innovation of the platform for business use. Our customers continue to tell us - it's not just about email and personal productivity, it's about unlocking the enormous potential of iOS for a variety of workflows in a variety of industries. With this latest release and same day support for iOS 9, we are excited to be at the forefront of the continued mobilization of today's enterprise. Apple iOS 9

Additional Resources: Data Sheet

Android Can Dominate Enterprise Mobility Game

Mobility has been a game changer in the enterprise. Employees are more mobile than ever before. An IDG survey in TechCrunch's post shows that 66 percent of smartphone users, and 46 percent of tablet users, are using their devices for work-related tasks. Android for Work and the latest OS releases from Android have significantly increased their security game. They could work their way up to the device of choice for the enterprise.

At SOTI we've worked closely with Google to support Android M and support for Android for Work.

Ovum sees enterprise mobility management software market nearly quadrupling in four years

This latest forecast report by Ovum states that the global EMM software market will quadruple by 2019! Mobility has an impact on all business and for that reason EMM software is becoming more and more important to the enterprise.  

BlackBerry Acquires Good Technology

Many of us saw this coming and weren't really surprised when the acquisition happened - even though BlackBerry has made a sport out of adding annotations filled with witty criticisms on Good Technology's Press Releases.

Our President and CEO, Carl Rodrigues weighs in with his thoughts on the BlackBerry, Good Technology acquisition.


Social media has once again found itself in an uprising! Isis Anchalee, a Full Stack Engineer at OneLogin was asked to participate in a recruiting campaign, once the ad was live, we were all very surprised to see what happened next. It started with serious sexism and negativity and then morphed into the trending hashtag on twitter and other platforms.

Companies and engineers all over the world began to use the #IlookLikeAnEngineer hashtag on twitter and other social media platforms to show support for Isis and in hopes of breaking down the stereotypes that exist in tech and other engineering disciplines.

We participated too! Here's our group:

Want to read more about Isis' story? Read her full story on Medium

The SOTI SYNC agenda is LIVE!

This is going to be an out of this world event and our agenda is live! SOTI SYNC includes a first-class lineup of speakers and industry experts:

  • SOTI CEO and Founder, Carl Rodrigues, will unveil visionary perspectives on the future of the connected enterprise as users, processes, smart objects, and mobile form factors expand and further converge.
  • Col. Chris Austin Hadfield, well-known as the first Canadian to walk in space, complete two space shuttle missions and serve as commander of the International Space Station, will discuss his journey as the first astronaut to harness mobility and social media to make outer space accessible to millions on earth.
  • Google’s Andrew Toy, Director of Product Management, will share insights into the next frontier for changing the world through the workplace.
  • Renowned industry analyst and author, Maribel Lopez of Lopez Research, will lead a panel discussion on the journey to mobile business transformation, featuring panelists from American Airlines and Peninsula Hotels.
  • Hear from Robin Bienfait, Chief Enterprise Innovation Officer & Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronics America and learn about Enterprise Innovation in an Ever-Expanding Mobile World

Here's a closer look at our agenda, we'll be posting updates as they come available:

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