There's a lot to cover! October has been one incredible month. Our stories for October include the Jays fever that ran rampant at our HQ - We're huge fans! There were Blue Jays jerseys everywhere, we even had the daytime post-season game broadcasts on in our kitchen. It was always a packed room.  Although our beloved Jays didn't make it all the way - we're still proud of them and look forward to next year! #GoJaysGo

Top 5 Android Marshmallow enterprise security benefits

This article by Imran Ansari, SOTI Product Manager covers Google's launch of Marshmallow, and the security benefits to enterprises who use this latest Android OS. Learn more about:

  • Silent installs 
  • Simplified setup
  • Added control over application permission
  • Security 
  • Over-the-Air System Update Management

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Mobility is Driving Business Success 

Mobility is driving innovation, business transformation and success - there's no escaping it. Most organizations today understand not only the need to leverage mobility to better their customer experience, transform or disrupt their way of doing business but also to reap the rewards of cost savings and new found efficiency.   This article shares some of the insights published by SOTI and the IDG in a recent survey. 

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Cyber Sentinel's Q&A with Adele Beachley, SOTI Managing Director, APAC.

SOTI's newest star,  Adele Beachley talks about DLP and how it can help to not only protect corporate data but also protect brand value and keep customer trust intact.

Mobile management: What's new in iOS 9 and Android Marshmallow

Let's be honest, every time a new OS version is released most of us are keen to download it while IT managers are having anxiety attacks regarding new features, new security risks and new opportunities for coporate data loss.

However, this time around both Apple and Google are putting their best foot forward and releasing features that have enterprise security in mind.

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Mobility is a Critical Driver for Business Success

SOTI and the IDG worked together to run a survey focused on enterprise IT decision makers.

In the survey we've uncovered:

  • The top concerns for IT decision makers
  • Do global enterprises consider mobility a critical driver for business success
  • Who are the key forces behind mobility adoptions

and more.

Read more on the SOTI Mobilizer Blog. Inlcuded in the blog is a link to the full infographic in PDF. In case you don't want to wait, we've included it here too.

A new era for Microsoft in the Enterprise

The recent announcement by Microsoft that it would partner with HP and Dell to sell their Surface product to enterprise customers could herald a new era where Microsoft would be in a position to provide both the hardware and the software to its partners, leaving them to act as giant system integrators.

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Siyata Set to Unveil Latest Connected Vehicle Innovations at SOTI SYNC 2015

SOTI and Siyata have been working closely together to integrate SOTI's MobiControl solution into Siyata's Voyager Platform and unveiled it at SOTI SYNC 2015

Archos Announces Security And Enterprise-Focused GranitePhone

In other news, Archos announced their new mobile device that boasts an enterprise and security focus. The GranitePhone uses a platform created by a company called Sikur. The platform is cloud based and uses multiple layers of authentication to implement it's high level of security.   Will they be able to compete with the like of the BlackBerry Priv and the Silent Circle Blackphone 2? Only time will tell.

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Scottish Football Association Case Study