SOTI ran a survey with IDG Enterprise focused on IT decision-makers, and asked about their top enterprise mobility concerns. The survey brings to light that 7 in 10 IT decision makers consider hacking, malware, and security among their top concerns.

The results are in and survey respondents, including IT decision-makers at C-suite and senior leadership levels, revealed the following trends:

  • Top concerns for key IT decision makers: security, integration and keeping pace


  • Top global enterprises cite mobility as a critical agent for business success


  • Major investments in mobile technologies will dominate the enterprise in 2016


  • Employees and IT departments are key forces pushing the speed of mobility adoption


To paraphrase our CEO, Carl Rodrigues, The survey results really only tell a story that we've known all along, the connected enterprise must keep pace with the rapid evolution of today's mobility requirements or be left behind.

Take a closer look at the entire survey here: SOTI survey

What are your top concerns? Do they allign with the survey? We'd love to hear from you, please add your comments below.