Mobility is driving business transformation as it continues to expand throughout organizations to increase efficiency, empower collaboration speed, workflow and boost employee productivity. Mobility is fueling product and service differentiation and innovation.The mobile workforce is the fastest growing segment that uses mobile solutions to connect them to one another, to customers, to the enterprise for content, and training. 

Whether it's purpose built devices, corporatize liable, BYOD or IoT the mobile enterprise needs to have a strong mobility strategy in place. Workforce productivity and efficiency depend on devices that are implemented easily,  have little down time, that can be managed remotely by a single cost effective and  scalable mobility solution.  

The total cost of ownership for implementing mobility in any organization can include expenses incurred from device provisioning, application deployment, technical support, data security, device repair / replacement (downtime), employee productivity and even regulatory compliance. Without an effective management solution in place, these costs can quickly overwhelm established budgets and have direct impact on the bottom line. 

Leveraging the right mobility tools to manage mobile users, processes and endpoints will increase profits and ROI. To learn more about how to reduce your TCO, increase employee productivity, secure corporate data and increase profitability download our whitepaper:  Addressing the Hidden Costs of Mobile Endpoints by David Krebs, Executive Vice President of VDC Research for more information on lowering your EMM Total Cost of Ownership.