Same-day support for Android Marshmallow is now offered by SOTI, powered through our leading Android for Work technology.

In conjunction with MobiControl, Android Marshmallow empowers the enterprise IT department to increase productivity and efficiency within their organization with significant updates that simplify setup, including: improvements to VPN, Certificate Management, Applications, and Permissions.

Android M's top 5 features: 

  • App permission control set up from the mobile device management console allows administrators to set and lock app permissions for any application.
  • Improved over-the-air system update management allows devices to be configured to auto-accept Android OS updates without user interaction. This feature allows updates to be postponed for up to 30 days, allowing systems administrators to schedule updates for the time that works best for them.
  • The silent install/uninstall of apps without user interaction enables one-step provisioning and app updates for line-of-business applications, all managed through the mobile device management console.
  • Simplified setup for IT administrators around VPNs, certificate management, apps, and permissions. This enhances the already available options for out-of-the-box provisioning.
  • Improved security management options including fingerprint authentication, factory reset and safe boot controls for compatible Android Marshmallow devices.

MobiControl and Android Marshmallow will also enrich the end user experience.

Android users will be happy to see power optimization enhancements made by Google for Android Marshmallow. Features such as Doze and App Standby improves a device's battery life and empowers users to do more while on the go. Doze is automatically activated after the standby period elapses and drops the OS into sleep mode. This functionality will limit network access, Wi-Fi scanning and app update tasks, increasing battery life of each device. In addition to Doze, App Standby will also help keep charge of a device's power usage. App Standby will limit how much power apps use while idle and eliminate the unnecessary power drain. Great new features such as Now-on-Tap also enhance end user's ability to get more out of their device.  

Android Marshmallow and MobiControl offer an enriched experience for both enterprise IT administrators and end users alike. With a simplified approach to securing devices without disrupting the user, MobiControl enables the enterprise to control how Android-based devices are used and how data is accessed, continuing to separate corporate data and applications from personal data.