The Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Biometrics, Smart Machines and cloud are all disruptive technologies that will enable the connected enterprise to reach new heights by driving innovation, increasing efficiencies and amplifying productivity. The convergence of these technologies with mobility is driving business transformation and becoming the nerve center of enterprise IT. Employees are utilizing their mobile devices more than ever before – they’re accessing both personal and corporate data which presents a significant challenge to IT departments attempting to empower end-users in a secure manner.

IT departments within organizations are finding it difficult, if not impossible to keep up with the rapid pace of evolving technology, especially where end-users are adopting and embracing the latest and greatest gadgets, applications and solutions enabling them to increase their own productivity.

Many organizations are choosing to outsource their IT departments to a trusted partner that “gets” the evolution of technology and is better able to provide advice on an appropriate course of action. This trend in outsourcing isn’t new but, the expectations companies have in a mobile first world are. If new technologies can’t be experienced and controlled through a mobile device, it’s likely to hit a much slower adoption rate in the corporation. If there isn’t an app or a mobile site that can assist the end-user, the technology is perceived to be outdated. Hence, mobile business transformation is becoming the cornerstone for success – today and in the future for the IT Channel. Partners that are cognizant of the shift to mobile is inevitable for all corporations of all sizes, in every department, are opening up an abundance of new revenue streams of solutions, both in hardware and software.

Having a proper managed mobility solution in place, a partner can easily set a solid foundation for success and a steady revenue stream by future proofing their ability to offer and implement new solutions and services quickly and easily at a fraction of the cost.

Technology is the biggest advantage a managed mobility solution has to offer. It is available to the user within their mobile device and also with the IT department via servers (cloud or on premise), and this connection acts as a pipeline for data to flow through. On the server side, an enterprise connects their mobility solution to several backend systems (e.g. Active Directory Services), and authentication is achieved on the mobile device by leveraging this connection – authentication like this can be applied to applications on the mobile device to ensure secure access to corporate resources. The managed mobility solution becomes a mechanism for content, applications and security policies to be delivered at mass to thousands of devices in seconds and also allows analytics to be retrieved from the devices in real time.

When looking at purchasing a solution the IT channel partner should consider much more than the actual software solution – understanding the vendor’s core strengths and how those strengths fit the needs of the channel partners business is key. The connected enterprise should not rely on a mobility management vendor that only focusses on a few BYOD features (e.g. PIM, Wi-Fi, VPN, Application Catalog and Password Protection), to be truly successful at enabling mobile business transformation. EMM solutions must at their core have people that are mobility experts, who have experience in successfully transforming organizations to mobile first enterprises, who have been trusted advisors creating innovative, scalable mobile friendly architectures and are focused on identifying and solving real world business problems by creating innovation mobility solutions.

As mobile devices become the core and integral part of business, the devices themselves become mission critical. Meaning, the end-user requires the mobile device to do their job. It’s no longer about receiving emails – if that employee requires assistance or sees and application error, it could potentially cost the organization thousands of dollars in lost productivity. The ability to get that user up and running as quickly as possible is paramount. An EMM that can provide Live, remote support the organizations devices will significantly reduce a partner’s costs by eliminating down time, the need to ship and replace devices and also the need to send IT staff to remote locations. In 90% of the scenarios, hardware isn’t the issue – it’s the software or even user error. With and IT helpdesk that can see the employee’s screen, take control remotely and trouble shoot issues the partner saves on down time and related costs.

SOTI has seen tremendous growth in its channel over the past year globally. Our revamped Altitude Partner program has enabled resellers of all sizes to see a spike in sales and recurring revenue. New resellers are on-boarded and prepared for success with easy online training packages and find themselves fast tracked to becoming a SOTI MobiControl Certified Expert. The Altitude Partner program’s portal is mobile friendly and grants partners complete and immediate access to marketing material, sales collateral and even several “How-to-sell”, training packages addressing specific mobile platforms and vertical solutions.

To conclude, it is difficult to predict what the next big thing will be and as new technologies are introduced to the enterprise, one thing is clear; managed mobility plays a fundamental role in enabling that technology on the mobile device and integrating it with backend systems. It’s imperative that all IT Channel partners that are looking to grow and transform their business, leverage a mobility solution as a base component of their strategy and choose a channel friendly vendor that lives and breathes mobility and will guide you to success. Join a winning team and SOTI where mobility enables possibility.

It is an honor to be named one of the 2015 CRN Channel Chiefs by The Channel Company. This is a prestigious list of the most influential IT Leaders in the channel business. The award recognizes individuals based on their track record of channel accomplishments, standing in the industry, dedication to the partner community, and plans for driving future business innovation and channel growth.