SOTI MobiControl and Android for Work by Google Make Any Android Device Enterprise-Friendly

Android for Work means business with enhanced security, simple management and an open framework for innovation in the workplace and now enterprise can fully embrace a mobility strategy that includes Android devices. Combined with SOTI MobiControl, enterprises can now confidently adopt the world’s #1 mobile operating system.

In 2007, Android was designed as a collaborative framework so users could get online and have the best possible mobile experience for accessing and sharing the things that are important to them.  Today, Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system, with a unique open approach and partnerships that deliver faster innovation, more customization and a choice of device preference.

SOTI has dominated the Android market for many years, leveraging deep expertise and advanced technological understanding of the popular operating system.  With its comprehensive Android management capabilities integrated into its SOTI MobiControl enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, SOTI has been offering deep API management capabilities for a broad range of Android devices for over 60 Android OEMs.

We’re excited to announce that SOTI and Google have been working together to provide more to our Android fans with Android for Work. These are exciting times indeed! Android for Work is a game-changer for Android, and our two companies have been working closely, sharing our passion for Android and a joint vision for the possibilities it brings for the enterprise, and the employees who have Android as their de facto personal standard.  Android for Work makes it simple for CIOs to implement a safe, flexible, easy to maintain and economical Android-based mobility platform tailored to their business needs, while providing employees with the freedom of device choice.

What’s All the Android Hype About

Android for Work powered by SOTI’s EMM solution, MobiControl provides a dedicated workspace with full OS-level encryption to securely separate business and personal data and applications on employee-owned Android tablets and smartphones. Personal data stays private, while corporate data remains secure. Android for Work makes it easier than ever to provide employees with the apps and content they need in a secure, managed enterprise space.

Play and Work on One Device

End-users can continue to enjoy all of their favorite native Android applications and experiences without compromise. The IT department can silently manage all the corporate resources without interfering with personal data and applications – the best of both worlds on one device.

Android users and CIOs can confidently choose from a plethora of Android devices regardless of OEM and be assured that data remains separate and secure.

Win-Win for the Connected Enterprise and the Connected Employee

As with MobiControl alone, the connected enterprise can continue to enjoy a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and reduced support overhead by utilizing one solution to manage a broad range of operating systems and connected devices.  With support for Android for Work, SOTI’s TCO proposition extends even further by providing IT and employee efficiencies related with provisioning of corporate applications and content with a secure workspace on any Android device.

Security and privacy can reside together; end-users will be happy to know that there is virtually zero access to their personal data.  And corporations and businesses can breathe easy and be assured that all corporate data is housed within a separate and secure workspace via profile separation, enhanced data security and that cannot be accessed by personal apps.

Productivity and efficiency are key factors to the enterprise’s success and ability to grow. Employee productivity is enhanced by enabling secure access to corporate resources for Android, empowering the end-user to continue using a device they’re already accustomed to with the full support of the IT department. Also, IT can fully manage what applications are available inside the workspace without impacting the native experience for employees. What more could one ask for?

Lastly, one of the largest benefits for the connected enterprise, its employees and the IT department is the seamless enrollment of Android devices. IT can securely enroll personal devices to SOTI MobiControl without access to personal data, and devices can be added or removed conveniently without employees making trips to IT.

What was once a balancing act and occasionally a battle between employees and the IT department has become a cohesive relationship. Android for Work powered by SOTI MobiControl puts a stop to juggling multiple devices for personal and corporate needs, and allows secure access to corporate data while preserving personal user experiences. Now, everyone in the enterprise can use mobile devices they prefer and know that they have secure access to corporate data while keeping their personal data separate. Android is now truly BYOD friendly with best in class security and manageability from SOTI and Google.

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