Android and KNOX and iOS oh my!

MobiControl 12.1 has something for everyone.

We’re on a roll here are SOTI! On the heels of our recent Android for Work powered by MobiControl announcement we’re ready to introduce MobiControl 12.1 and all it has to offer.

SOTI MobiControl 12.1 provides enhanced manageability and security functionality across the industry’s broadest range of mobile devices, allowing enterprises to rapidly and smoothly leverage the potential for workplace mobility.


Launch-day readiness for Samsung Knox 2.4 & Support for the new Galaxy S6

The partnership between SOTI MobiControl and Samsung continues to offer an enhanced level of security and mobile management capability to enterprises with some brand new features for Samsung KNOX. MobiControl 12.1 includes new features for Samsung KNOX including Split Billing, On-premise Activation and expanded management capabilities for the latest and greatest Samsung devices.

SOTI MobiControl helps to eliminate the threat vectors of full internet access in order to activate devices properly. Now, Samsung KNOX can be activated within a pure on premise architecture. This is big news for the IT admins that have been averse to deploying KNOX within their large internal infrastructure.

But wait… there’s more! Corporations won’t need to deal with the expensive process of having employees submit expense reports for corporate data use on personal devices, or have to pay for personal data use on corporate devices because there wasn’t an easy way to separate the billing of data use for personal vs work. Samsung (in collaborations with multiple carriers), is introducing a new feature that will allow admins to specify the data uses for apps with in the KNOX container are tracked and billed separately. A win-win for Enterprise and employees alike. Lastly, new policies from Samsung KNOX 2.4 and implemented by SOTI allow admins to unlock and enable Bluetooth and NFC functionality by apps that reside within the KNOX container which was not possible before.

Streamlined deployment of iOS devices

Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP) is all about streamlining the deployment of iOS devices for institutions planning on purchasing and deploying iOS devices at scale. Now, deploying corporate liable iOS devices is a simple pre-configuration that will save the enterprise time and significant costs. IT administrators can sit back and relax as devices that are under Apple’s device Enrollment Program are not required to pass the IT admins desk – device enrollment and configuration are a part of the overall activation.

It’s not ALL about the IT department, DEP will also improve the out-of-the-box experience for the end-user. No one wants to wait around for a device to be enrolled. DEP enrollment will get the end-user up and running faster on managed iOS devices and the native experience won’t change, employees will continue to experience the familiarity of Apple through iOS device set up menus upon device activation.

… and as you already know - same-day support for Android for Work

Android gets down to business!  Android for Work by Google powered by SOTI MobiControl is ready with comprehensive, same-day support! MobiControl provides the workspace control, intelligent policy management and broad OS version and device support that enterprises require to implement a comprehensive and secure mobility strategy around Android for Work.

Android for Work makes it easier than ever to enable employees with the apps and content they need in a secure, managed enterprise space.

We’re as ready as ever to enable organizations to reduce their mobile device TCO, increase data security, provide improved employee privacy and deploy mobile devices to scale. Want to try it out? Down load your free trial MobiControl 12.1 now