Google Android for Work is revolutionary for Android users and for the connected enterprise. As pioneers in deep Android management, SOTI has reigned as the enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendor with the deepest level of Android device support.  And now we’re ready to provide comprehensive same-day support for Google Android for Work.

Android for Work powered by SOTI MobiControl grants Android users and enterprise IT a dedicated workspace with full OS-level encryption that will securely separate business and personal data and applications on Android mobile devices.  Regardless if the devices are privately or corporately owned, employees and the enterprise can rest assured knowing that personal data is private while corporate data remains secure.

But with Android having had a less than open-armed welcome in the enterprise in the past, we wanted to gauge global business appetite about Android devices in corporate mobility strategies. With 460 respondents from across the globe, the stats might surprise you.

The Black Sheep of the Enterprise

According to the results of our study released today, less than 10 percent of global businesses feel that Android devices have not been integral to their daily operations.  Not surprising considering that almost 40 percent reported having concerns over the security of Android devices and up until now, enterprises have been apprehensive to allow these devices to connect to corporate assets.  This is a key area that Android for Work powered by SOTI changes the game.  The combined solution will provide the management tools and framework that the connected enterprise needs to confidently add Android devices to their BYOD and corporate-liable mobility strategy.


More than 67 percent of respondents claimed to use their devices MULTIPLE times per day.  Moreover, 32 percent said they use their devices constantly.  That’s right – constantly! This doesn’t mean almost one-third of employees are playing Candy Crush or swiping for dates on Tinder.  They’re not only utilizing their devices for personal use, they’re increasingly making mobile devices their de facto standard tool to conduct critical business tasks and accessing corporate data.

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OS doesn’t stand for ‘One Size Fits All’

30 percent of study participants use more than one device – and likely more than one OS. Our study found that 13 percent of Android users also use iOS devices while nearly 28 percent of iOS users also utilize Android devices at work. With Android dominating global smartphone share at 85% (source: IDC 2014),  at last count, there is no doubt that a high percentage of employees are Android fan-atics and loyal to the little green droid we have all come to know and love.  The findings suggest that a comprehensive mobility strategy would need to include support for a broad range of mobile operating systems.

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Oh, and P.S. … Privacy & Security Are Top of Mind

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Respondents consider privacy and security their biggest concerns. Almost 40 percent of respondents are concerned about their security and privacy when trusting Android devices in the enterprise. 32 percent also cited that the lack of separation between personal and corporate data was their largest concern. But what’s most alarming is that nearly half of the study participants reported that their companies do not yet offer an official management program for mobile devices at all. Yes, that’s right – HALF.

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Between the legacy fragmentation and privacy issues that have been the biggest hindrance to Android enterprise adoption, SOTI and Google have been working together to make Android a good citizen in the workplace.  Not only does Android for Work eliminate the issue of fragmentation, but when coupled with SOTI MobiControl, the solution provides profile separation between personal and corporate, remote wiping ability, streamlined enrollment, and FULL control over corporate data and over-the-air application provisioning to name just a few features.

Don’t be an Android avoider.  Take it for a test drive and unleash the potential it has to increase productivity, transform your business, and enable your workforce.  Request a free trial of SOTI MobiControl to experience the latest in Android enterprise mobility firsthand.

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