Éclair, Honeycomb, Ice-cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat…No, we’re not playing Candy Crush on our smartphones—we’re just thinking about all the different versions of the Android operating system running on mobile business devices today.

When you also factor in the diverse array of Android-based devices currently available for business use—some rugged, some commercial, some corporate-issued, others personal—the possible combinations can seem endless and overwhelming.

Leading Android OEMs such as BQ, Honeywell, HTC, Intermec by Honeywell, Kyocera, Lenovo, LG, Motorola Solutions, Panasonic, Samsung and many others have adopted SOTI’s MobiControl Android+. From the sturdiest of rugged devices to mainstream consumer devices and everything in-between, Android+ delivers SOTI’s sophisticated management functionality and advanced security features to users in a consistent manner across the Android device spectrum.

When grave security concerns arise when a workforce relies on multiple devices running on various operating systems, the need for an Enterprise Mobility Management solution that simplifies the mobile business environment becomes crystal clear. This need increases exponentially with a fragmented Android environment, which raises IT’s concern about the potential threat associated with allowing Android devices into their networks. Fortunately, SOTI is a stabilizing presence in a complex mobile world.

At SOTI, we are proud to announce that more than 50 Android OEMs now support our MobiControl Android+ technology. This complements our ability to support Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows (e.g., Mobile, CE, Desktop, Phone) and other operating systems with our management solution. 

Our Android+ technology has touched virtually every industry, including retail, education, healthcare, transportation, financial services, field services, logistics and public services. It allows companies and public institutions to manage mobile workforces with ease.  The job functions range from servicing elevators and field sales to transporting airport baggage and accessing secure data to tracking in-store inventory. SOTI MobiControl customers, including some prominent members of the Fortune 50, can take advantage of such Android+ features as remote control (critical for remote help desk functionality and remote training), kiosk mode capabilities, content library and management, certificate management, data collection, and more.

As mentioned, SOTI MobiControl supports multiple operating systems in addition to Android. This enables businesses of any size in any industry to seamlessly implement mobile strategies to help them create products and services that drive their competitive advantages.

Even better, our Android+ technology is version-agnostic. This means that companies can manage multiple Android-based mobile devices running different versions of the OS, from its latest update (v4.4.4/KitKat) to much older variants (e.g., v2.3/Gingerbread). No other Enterprise Mobility Management provider offers such comprehensive Android coverage with this level of OS integration.

The support MobiControl offers for Apple iOS and all flavors of Microsoft Windows uniquely positions SOTI to not only enable enterprise mobile strategies, but also, accelerate them.

SOTI MobiControl Android+ technology also alleviates mobile security concerns, offering a variety of advanced security management capabilities such as web filtering, anti-virus protection with multiple remediation options, device lockdown and file encryption. Many of our users also leverage our powerful location-based services, which include device tracking and geofencing.

If a CEO has his smartphone stolen while traveling in Tokyo, for example, with SOTI, his IT administrator in New York can lock or wipe the device to prevent unwanted access to the valuable information that resides on the device. The administrator can even identify the device’s location using geo-location device tracking and assist authorities in recovering the device. We’re seeing customers successfully recover misplaced and stolen devices, allowing enterprises to reduce costly device replacements and equally, if not more importantly, protect their corporate information.

With SOTI, policies can be set to turn applications and device features on or off based on location. As an employee enters a high security R&D facility, access to specific applications used during the research process can be enabled and the phone’s camera can be disabled to prevent photos of sensitive information from being taken and shared outside of the organization. When the employee leaves the secured area, access to the research applications can be disabled and the camera re-enabled. 

To learn more about SOTI MobiControl’s Android+ capabilities, click here:https://www.soti.net/mobicontrol/.