Every 12 minutes, someone dies in a motor vehicle crash. Every 10 seconds an injury occurs. Every 5 seconds a crash happens. Many of these incidents occur during the workday or during the commute to and from work. And distracted driving while calling, texting or paying attention to a mobile device – instead of the road – accounts for an increasingly higher percentage of roadway fatalities every year.

Employers can be held liable when an accident happens as a result of distracted driving while an employee is on company time, or even running a work-related errand, driving a company-owned vehicle or their own.

Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles or oversee a mobile workforce, there are measures you can take to reduce the risks of distracted driving faced by your employees, while protecting your company’s bottom line. 

As part of any safety program, regardless of business size, or industry, enterprises can protect employees – and their business – from the dangers of distracted driving by leveraging distracted driver policies with the ability to lock down devices or applications based on vehicle speed. SOTI MobiControl’s enterprise mobility management suite offers this protection and more.  

With the “speed lockdown” feature of SOTI MobiControl, mobile devices can be automatically disabled when a vehicle reaches a predetermined speed, preventing employees from receiving phone calls, texting and accessing any applications, websites or device controls while driving. In fact, devices can be locked down as soon as a vehicle begins to move. The mobile device is unlocked and functionality is fully restored as soon as a vehicle is no longer in motion for a predetermined time. This preset “pause” prevents access to the device when an employee’s vehicle is momentarily stopped at traffic lights and stop signs.

While employers cannot mandate employee behavior while on the road, they can lessen the distractions stemming from mobile devices. This is a critical step in keeping their most valuable asset, their employees, as well as their bottom line, safe.