Engaged.  Empowered.  Effective.  All essential words related to mobile technology for 21st Century learning.  Students are becoming more proactively involved in their own education.  They’re learning from laptops and tablets, and are less reliant on educational content and curriculums delivered via traditional textbooks. We are witnessing a transformation in education, whereby classrooms are turning into virtual learning labs with teachers and students experiencing information together, discovering more facets of their subjects than before.

The education technology movement has shifted from an experimental phase to the new norm. Standards are changing and teaching methods are evolving because students today are better enabled to not only understand technology in the classroom, but are the drivers for the change.

Today, leaders from Samsung, NAF (National Academy Foundation), SOTI, and theVerizon Foundation are joining students in Omaha to roll out the National Academy Foundation Samsung School Solution Initiative. SOTI, was fortunate enough to participate and had SOTI MobiControl installed on each of the devices which helped students and faculty experience a classroom without walls.

Sitting with students we witness the command and confidence they have when using technology, wanting to learn more. Teachers become facilitators and coaches; students direct their own learning. These students want to share their knowledge and collaborate more than ever before. When we hear quotes like “Elearning has impacted my grades because whenever I need to turn in something I can have it right there. I don’t have to go to a computer or charge my computer at home to do it. I can just do it on tablets; it’s really easy it’s really convenient I can do it almost anywhere,” it helps us realize the true impact of what technology is making possible. 

We sat down with several students to learn more about what benefits they get from the tablets. What we heard was eye opening. The confidence and pride they have in being able to utilize cutting-edge technology was great. You can hear more in the video below.

Experiencing Mobile Learning's Benefits

Teachers and administrators are tasked with bringing technology to students. A paradigm shift is taking place because traditional ideologies no longer seem to apply. For example, organizations such as NAF (National Academy Foundation), Samsung, the Verizon Foundation, and SOTI have partnered to deliver Samsung School’s digital classroom package to schools and students in inner-city communities.  The initiative delivers modern teaching with technology and devices combined, creating new possibilities for educators and their students. The program dynamically blends technology with educational content, increasing the impact of the curriculum. Teachers are co-learning with their students, redefining best practices and becoming better themselves.  Participating schools, such as Omaha North High School, are riding the digital wave of this new-age educational experience, the first of its kind in this part of the Midwest.

Organizations like Woodmen of the World are coming together to deliver onsite, experiential learning programs to bring these possibilities to life by inviting the students into their offices, and enabling them to learn about finance first hand in an enterprise setting. As corporate and industry innovators, there is a social responsibility to support outreach programs and partnerships that help shape next generation leaders.

Management and security of the mobile devices and delivery of the educational content is a critical piece of these initiatives. The programs are dynamic and the technology is diverse. Providing a secure, safe atmosphere in their virtual reality without hindering the promise of digital learning can pose a challenge for educators without the right tools in place. SOTI MobiControl mobility management solution addresses these concerns effectively. Seamless content delivery, customization of the experiences, real-time remote guidance, and internet compliancy are just some of the cornerstones of the value that SOTI MobiControl brings to the delivery of the e-learning promise.

Mobile learning has taken the classroom experience to a global landscape for the students.  And, we are helping them to truly become responsible, successful digital citizens and leaders.