As school-aged children celebrate the arrival of summer vacation, educators remain hard at work seeking groundbreaking new ways to enhance the learning experience through mobile and other technology. And nowhere does it get more innovative than ISTE 2014, the annual conference and expo of the International Society for Technology in Education.

At SOTI we are proud of our role in enabling more dynamic, customized and digitized school curriculums via SOTI MobiControl for Education. This comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution empowers districts to launch engaging mobile-based 1:1 learning programs, while ensuring that students are using district-issued laptops and tablets safely and responsibly.

But the success of SOTI MobiControl often leads us to hear a common refrain from students: “I hate MobiControl!”

In fact, one such student took to social media to express his frustration, emphatically stating that MobiControl was ruining his life. According to his post, SOTI MobiControl only allowed him to access learning content and educational applications. Unable to log into his social media accounts and communicate online throughout the day with his beloved, he proclaimed “I hate MobiControl!“

This is the inspiration of our new video aptly entitled, “I hate SOTI MobiControl.”

The video opens with “Jimmy,” a well-meaning but easily distracted student who prefers to use his school tablet not for learning, but for games, social media and unrestricted web browsing. Much to his frustration, however, he cannot because the device is managed and content and applications restricted with SOTI MobiControl.

Unfortunately for Jimmy, but fortunately for his future academic success, administrators at his school use SOTI MobiControl for Education to centrally secure and manage each student’s device, setting parameters on how the devices can be used. The solution is agnostic to both the device and its operating system, allowing for secure management of a diverse assortment of devices – from smartphones and tablets to PCs, laptops and even phablets – from a single management console.

As a child who has had his dreams of a school-issued digital “toy” crushed, Jimmy may hate SOTI MobiControl, but his parents and educators love it. With the assurances and control needed to enable innovative mobile learning programs, schools can keep up with ever-evolving standards such as Common Core and empower students with the latest mobile technology. Parents have peace of mind knowing that their child’s mobile learning experience is safe and secure.