Thank you for your interest in Pocket Controller for Android!

SOTI Pocket Controller for Samsung Android requires two components:
  • Android app - Installed on the Samsung Android device you wish to control
  • PC application - Installed on your laptop or desktop computer
In order for you to use Pocket Controller to remotely interact and control your Android device, BOTH components must be installed.
Once you have both components installed, you will be able to view and control your Android device over a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB connection.
Installation Instructions:
PLEASE NOTE: Pocket Controller for Samsung currently does not support Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and above. 
1. On your Android device, launch the Google Play store and search for "SOTI Pocket Controller" and install the app on your device. Alternatively, you can CLICK HERE to be taken directly to the Google Play store page for Pocket Controller for Android.
2. CLICK HERE to download the PC application. Once the download completes, launch the installation and follow the instructions to complete your Pocket Controller for Android installation.
3. Start Pocket Controller for Android on your desktop and press Connect to begin the syncing process and connect a device.

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