SOTI builds on its experience in iOS management with powerful security and management features designed to secure the device without disrupting the iOS user experience. With SOTI MobiControl iOS management, enterprises have granular control of how iOS devices are used, and how data is accessed to ensure sensitive corporate information is kept in authorized hands only.

SOTI MobiControl allows enterprise IT the ability to secure, manage, and optimize corporate-liable and employee-owned iOS devices. With support for Apple's Device Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program combined with integrated device, application, and content management, SOTI helps organizations leverage the power of the iOS platform in their enterprise.

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SOTI and iOS 9

SOTI's immediate support for iOS 9 allows customers to take advantage of the benefits of iOS 9 immediately in their business, with enhanced support for corporate-liable, COPE, and vertical LOB deployments. With SOTI and iOS 9, enrolment, configuration and application deployment have been optimized to make it easier for IT to secure and manage iOS 9 devices. End users benefit from new productivity, privacy, and security features that allow them to do incredible things at work with their iOS devices.

iOS 9 Datasheet

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Device Enrollment and Configuration

Apple Device Enrollment Program

Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) streamlines the process of enrolling corporate-liable devices into SOTI management for enterprise and educational use. SOTI's support for DEP allows enterprise IT to mandate enrollment in MDM, install non-removable MobiControl MDM profiles on devices, and configure the device automatically over the air. The out of the box experience for users is simple - just unbox the device, complete the intuitive Setup Assistant, and the device is ready for business use.

Out of the Box Experience

SOTI allows IT to give users a great out of the box experience with iOS devices, with a zero touch enrollment experience to get users from zero to go as quickly as possible. SOTI MobiControl streamlines deployment by setting up configuration, secure connectivity to enterprise resources, and enterprise SSO capabilities.

Apple Configurator

SOTI's integration with Apple Configurator enables enterprise IT an alternative when DEP is not available to prepare, supervise, and assign devices over the air for enteprise use. With full support for installing Wi-Fi profiles, drag and drop support for MobiControl enrollment profiles and MDM certificates, SOTI streamlines the process of deploying and managing iOS devices in volume for enterprise and institutional use.

Device Management

Intelligent Policy Management

Organizations are dynamic - new employees, promotions, job changes, and departures are highly taxing on IT resources. User roles further complicate management, with different policy requirements for remote workers, contract employees, knowledge workers, and blue collar employees. Add to this regional policy variances and regulation and it' s not hard to imagine the magnitude of the challenge that most IT departments face in deploying mobility policies today.

SOTI's intelligent policy management capabilities allow enterprise IT the flexibility to tailor policies to meet the ever changing demands of modern business. Administrators can assign configurations such as email, WiFi, and VPN, over-the-air to devices at a granular level based on various criteria such as device properties, custom attributes and/or data, and LDAP group membership. Users can self-manage profiles directly from the MobiControl app on their iOS device.

Application Management

Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) simplifies the bulk purchase and distribution of iOS for business, institutional, or educational customers. SOTI's integration with VPP allows IT administrators to manage the purchase, distribution, and support of iOS apps on behalf of end users, empowering end users with the breadth of the iOS ecosystem without the burden of administration. WIth SOTI MobiControl, your organization can take advantage of VPP to manage one time use redemption codes, and/or re-usable app licensing and provide in-depth reporting to meet audit requirements.

Application Deployment

SOTI simplifies the deployment of App Store, 3rd party, and Enterprise Apps with advanced application management features for iOS. For BYOD deployments, MobiControl's Enterprise App Catalog allows users to install mandatory and recommended apps. The Enterprise App Catalog can be utilized by the end-user to quickly and easily install and update important line of business applications without having to connect to iTunes or download from the App Store. For corporate-liable and LOB app deployments, SOTI MobiControl can silently install applications without user intervention. Unmanaged App Store apps can be brought under MobiControl management without re-installation for an improved user experience. For increased control, app whitelisting allows administrators to install applications on managed devices even after the App Store is disabled.

Application Monitoring and Management

As app use continues to expand, IT requires enhanced capabilities to report and monitor app use in order to support end users and control costs. For any managed iOS application, IT administrators can specify whether the app is allowed to use cellular data, Wi-Fi only, and whether it is allowed to use cellular data while roaming. IT administrators can also generate reports on a live app inventory on managed iOS devices, allowing businesses a real-time view of app usage across a deployment.

Content Management

Experience corporate content, securely available on any iOS device. SOTI's Secure Content Library allows businesses to securely distribute and manage corporate content across iOS devices to empower remote workers with up to date files and content. With seamless integration for your backend CMS, SOTI keeps important content at hand for business users. Complete over-the-air management of content, such as documents, videos, presentations and spreadsheets, allows users to take their most important assets with them.

Advanced Security

Encryption and Data Protection

Data transfer and communication between MobiControl and managed iOS devices is SSL encrypted and conforms to Apple's mandated security provisions, including Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) and AES 256 data encryption. MobiControl's certificate management allows IT to provision iOS devices for authorized use of corporate email, WiFi access, and secured applications. Complex passcode enforcement and full remote lock and wipe capabilities add an additional layer of security, keeping sensitive enterprise data secure.

Enterprise Single Sign-On

SOTI's Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality greatly reduces "password fatigue" by providing users with a single identity across all enterprise and App Store applications. IT administrators can define an account and specify target applications that will authenticate using SSO credentials. Users can finally say goodbye to multiple passwords and securely access their apps faster than ever before.

Physical Security

Changes to the physical access of a mobile device can pose a serious security concern. When a device is lost or stolen, physical access to a mobile device changes from an authorized user to an unauthorized user. MobiControl's physical protection policies for iOS ensure that if a change in physical access occurs, IT administrators are alerted and can take appropriate action, ranging from restricting access to corporate networks and services to locking the device to a complete wipe of all corporate data on the device.

App Security

IT administrators can configure iOS devices to only trust enterprise application developers deployed through MobiControl. Enterprise applications deployed through MobiControl are implicitly trusted by the device and the end user is no longer prompted to “trust” the app. IT administrators can also prevent the installation of unauthorized apps by whitelisting enterprise app developers that can be "trusted" by managed devices.

Per-App VPN

With SOTI, IT administrators can mandate VPN connectivity for specific Enterprise or App Store applications to secure in-transit data. Apps can be configured to use VPN tunnels automatically when launched on the device, providing greater control over data loss and use of corporate network resources.


SOTI's SDK for iOS allows you to seamlessly integrate MobiControl's advanced device management and remote help desk capabilities with your custom developed enterprise applications. ISVs and enterprise app developers can leverage the iOS SDK to remotely support their iOS deployments and enhance their applications with mobile device management and security features provided by MobiControl.

Device Controls

Robust device feature controls allow IT administrators control over corporate-owned devices to ensure devices are prepared for corporate use. With SOTI MobiControl, IT administrators can enforce complex passwords, implement hardware restriction policies, and remotely lock and wipe enterprise devices. To permit the transfer of device between employees or enable device repurposing, MobiControl can release the iOS activation lock and restore the device back to factory defaults.

Diagnostics and Reporting

MobiControl's advanced data collection puts IT in control with robust device diagnostic information essential for reporting on the health of your iOS deployment. From battery status to installed applications, MobiControl collects vital device data in real-time, allowing administrators to generate detailed reports and report device compliance. MobiControl's standard reports offer an ideal visual representation of the iOS device statistics that matter the most.

Remote Help Desk Suite

SOTI's industry leading Help Desk Suite for iOS brings desktop-grade support capabilities to your mobile deployment. Remote view and two-way chat allow your help desk personnel to support users across all iOS devices. Capture remote screen shots and live video recording of the application screens for review and demonstration purposes. Report on device status and detailed device diagnostics in real-time for proactive issue management.

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