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Android accounts for more than 80% of the global smartphone market share. Because of this, Android is rapidly becoming very popular in the workplace. Enterprises are clamoring for a way to secure these devices. Because Android provides limited management and security APIs for EMM vendors to leverage, management and security is inconsistent across Android device manufacturers. Adding further complexity, OEMs are left on their own to create APIs in order for EMM vendors to build tools to manage the devices. This creates disparity, as each OEM adds functionality in varying degrees and forms.

SOTI addresses Android fragmentation with SOTI MobiControl’s Android+ technology. With Android+, SOTI has built tight integration with multiple leading Android vendors directly into SOTI MobiControl enabling enterprise to confidently add the latest and greatest devices to their mobile strategy. SOTI MobiControl offers a comprehensive and consistent Android management solution.

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Remote Control & Helpdesk Tools

Live remote control of the latest Android devices for optimal helpdesk troubleshooting. Our exclusive BlitFire 10X technology gives you the world’s fastest remote control for today's HD devices.

Advanced Security Management

MobiControl Advanced Security Center provides administrators with the most comprehensive suite of Android Device Management capabilities. Enjoy granular control over how the latest Android devices are used and how data is accessed.

Web Filter Policy

Antivirus/Malware Protection Policy

Out of Contact Device Policy

Phone Call Policy

Remote Actions

Device LockDown Policy

Device Feature Control

Authentication Policy

Active Directory Integration

Connection Security Policy

File Encryption

Detect Rooted Devices

Secure Content Library

Securely distribute and manage access to corporate documents and resources.

Telecom Expense Management

Set up group and individual voice and data profiles to easily monitor mobile data and voice usage limits.

Mobile Application Management

Install, update, remove, enable or disable any application without user interaction.

Certificate Management

Add, renew, revoke and deliver authentication certificates from a certificate authority to managed devices.

Mobile Email Management

SOTI’s Mobile Email Management (MEM) solution delivers complete security for corporate and employee-owned devices.

Asset Management

Collect and store important device information for reporting purposes.

Data Collection

Collect and store important device information for reporting purposes.

File Synchronization

Manage device files and folders over the air.

C2DM Messaging

Mass message Android devices using Google's messaging interface - Cloud to Device Messaging.


MobiControl proactively alerts console administrators on both server- side and device -side events.


Advanced Data Collection gives you the power to specify data that you want to collect, analyze and report on. Whether it is information on battery status, GPS location, WiFi signal strength or any other type of data, MobiControl enables you to optimize your operations based on the statistics that matter to you.

Terms and Conditions

Standardize and enforce an acceptable use policy, and bring your mobile workforce in alignment with your corporate IT strategy.

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