iOS Profile Configurations

MobiControl offers several device configurations ranging from password authentication, email configuration, VPN settings to fonts and web clips. See the sections below for descriptions of each configuration available on the iOS platform.

Visit Profiles tab for more information on setting up profiles and assigning them to your devices.

Default Profiles

The iOS platform has two profiles that are configured by default: an App Catalog and a Profile Catalog. Both default profiles are simple web clips that point towards to the web address for either the App Catalog or the Profile Catalog. Do not delete these default profiles.

The App Catalog allows device users to view or download applications that have been pushed to their devices through an Application Catalog rule.

The Profile Catalog allows device users to view or download profile configurations that are pushed to their devices via a Profile.

Security & Restrictions

Single Sign On

You can configure the device to enable users to authenticate once instead of multiple times for multiple different apps. iOS Single Sign on


You can configure user passwords, to control access to the mobile device. The passwords are centrally managed via the Authentication option. See "Authentication Policy" for more information on configuring device-side user authentication.


Administrator can upload specific certificates or can use certificate templates. This allows administrator to install certificates on devices. Device Certificates for more information.

Network Restrictions

You can use Network Restrictions to restrict your users' access to networks based on the applications they are using. See iOS Network Restrictions for more information on configuration.


This option provides capability to block various built in device applications and functionality. iOS Restrictions to know more about feature control on the devices.

Single App Mode

You can configure the device to specify a single Bundle ID (i.e. app) to lock a supervised iOS device to. See "iOS Single App Mode" for more information on configuring single app mode on the devices.


Using SCEP, MobiControl can configure iOS devices so that they can reach out to a SCEP server and install certificates from there. See "iOS SCEP" for more information.

Web Content Filter

You can configure the device to allow an administrator to enable web content filtering on Supervised iOS 7 devices. iOS Web Content Filter.

Email, Contacts & Calendars


The Calendar configuration allows us to push calendars down to iOS device from a central server. See "iOS Calendars Configuration" for more information


The Contacts configuration allows us to push contacts down to iOS device from a central server. See "iOS Contacts Configuration" for more information for more information.


MobiControl allows us to configure the build in email client for iOS devices. If account names want to be automatically configured, LDAP authentication needs to be enabled while creating the add devices rule. Please see the Adding iOS Devices page for more information on how to create a add device rule with LDAP authentication. See "iOS Email Configuration" for more information


Using LDAP for contacts allows us to configure email contacts for iOS devices. Please see the iOS LDAP configuration page for more information.

Subscribed Calendars

Subscribed Calendars allows us to configure iOS calendars to subscribe to specific calendars. These calendars cannot be modified. A good example of this is subscribing to a calendar that has holidays listed. Please see the iOS Subscribed Calendars page for more information.



Configuring APN settings on iOS devices can be done through here. This will allow iOS devices to access specified APN's. Please see the iOS APN Configuration page for more information on APN configuration.


MobiControl offers a wide range of ways to configure the VPN settings on an iOS device. Please see the iOS VPN Configuration page for more information on how to set VPN configurations for iOS devices.

VPN per App

MobiControl offers a wide range of ways to configure the VPN settings per-app. Please see the iOS VPN Per App Configuration page for more information on how to set VPN per App configurations for iOS devices.


With WiFi configurations, MobiControl can specify what networks the iOS device should be able to connect to. MobiControl can even configure 802.1x Enterprise settings. Please see the iOS WiFi Policy page for more information on how to configure WiFi.

Global HTTP Proxy

Administrators may set a specific global HTTP proxy through which all HTTP traffic for supervised devices will be routed .Please see the iOS Global HTTP Proxy page for more information on how to set the Global HTTP Proxy.


Configure MobiControl to easily manage mobile devices to connect to an AppleTV. Please see the iOS AirPlay page for more information on how to configure the AirPlay settings.



Custom Profiles

If a new version of iOS comes with new features, we can use Custom Profiles to configure the devices. This allows us to future proof MobiControl to ensure that it can use all MDM features included in future iOS releases. Please see the iOS Custom Profiles page for more details.

Web Clips

Web clips allow MobiControl administrators configure home screen book marks for iOS devices. If Safari is blocked through the feature control policy, web clips allow users to still access approved web sites. Please see the iOS Web Clips page for more information.


Allow administrators to configure AirPrint settings on supervised iOS 7 devices. Please see the iOS Air Print page for more information on configuring AirPrinter settings.


This feature allows administrators to push fonts to iOS 7 devices to be used on the device. Please see the iOS Fonts page for more information on how to configure Font settings.

Managed Domains

Managed Domains allow administrators to visually separate web and email domains into managed and unmanaged. Managed domains are highlighted blue and unmanaged domains are highlighted red. See the iOS Managed Domains Page for more information on configuring Managed Domain settings.

SOTI apps


SOTI Hub is a secure repository that allows organizations to control how employees access and share enterprise content outside of the corporate network. See SOTI Hub for more information.


SOTI Surf is a secure mobile browser that provides your device users with access to your corporate network and the internet in a single app. See SOTI Surf for more information.

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