MobiScan is a tool that can be used to provision the MobiControl Device Agent on a device by scanning barcodes. All the necessary information is encoded into a barcode which will allow your device to connect to your MobiControl Deployment Server. MobiScan can also be used to include initial connection settings (WiFi, Cellular APN, etc) within the barcode which will allow the device to establish communication with a designated network.

SOTI provides software for its MobiScan application to generate the barcode and run on the computing device.

This includes:

MobiScan Barcode Generator - a desktop application included in MobiControl Management console.

Please see the Generating a Barcode section for further information regarding Barcode Generator.

MobiScan Agent - a device side application which processes the barcodes. It consists of one executable named MobiScan.exe

MobiScan agent will be included with your device firmware, depending on your hardware manufacturer.

Please contact your hardware manufacturer or SOTI Support for further details in regards to MobiScan Agent.

Scanning a barcode using MobiScan:

  1. Enable Scan Wedge on the device

    This procedure varies depending on the device manufacturer and model. On some devices MobiScan will automatically handle this operation, and on others it must be launched manually. Please see your device manual for further details.

  2. Launch the MobiScan executable from the device

    Once the MobiScan Agent has been successfully launched on the device, the following screen will appear:

  3. Scan the barcodes



    Please ensure that all barcodes have been scanned.

    The following screen will appear:

    The MobiScan Agent will first configure the connection settings (Wireless, APN, etc..) according to the settings configured in MobiControl Manager, and then apply the MobiControl settings and will attempt to connect to the MobiControl Deployment Server.

    Once a connection has been established, MobiScan will automatically begin downloading the CAB from the MobiControl Deployment Server.

    MobiScan application will exit when MobiControl installation begins.

User Defined Values

Some commands will have the ability to handle user defined data, if this option is enabled when creating profile from MobiControl Manager.

The user will be able to edit the corresponding value on the device, after the barcode has been scanned.

The user can choose to either edit the field or leave it as the default value.

Storing Barcodes on the Device

Whenever a barcode is scanned, an encrypted copy of its contents is automatically saved on the device. The data file MSData.dat, may be found in the PdbPkg folder.

The PdbPkg folder is located in the directory specified by the "Stable Storage" field in MobiControl Manager.

If the option "execute after cold boot" is enabled in MobiControl Manager while generating barcode, the data for this barcode is stored as MSBoot.dat in the same Stable Storage folder.


The barcode is only saved on the device after MobiControl settings have been applied.

Command Line Usage

The MobiScan Agent can be launched from the command line to configure the device using a stored barcode.


MS_Agent.exe -[p] -[m] [File Path]

-p: Silently execute barcode at [File Path]

-m: Silently execute barcode at [File Path]. This option skips configuring MobiControl settings.

The file path may be full path or a relative path. Example: MSAgent.exe -p 1:\SOTI\PdbPkg\MSData.dat

When MobiScan is launched in silent mode, default choices will be selected where applicable. If MobiControl has already been installed on the device, MobiScan will not attempt to re-install it.

If AES256 encryption has ben selected, the user will always be prompted to enter the password.


Field Name Description
Reset This option will clear the stored barcode data from the device.
Paste from Clipboard MobiScan Agent has the ability to execute the contents of the clipboard as a stored barcode. The data on the clipboard is the same as the data saved is MSData.dat and from the Barcode Generator using Ctrl + r in the "Generating Barcode" step.
About This option gives the version and build information about the MobiScan Agent.

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