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The evolution of iOS mobility management is here with iOS 7 and SOTI MobiControl. Experience an unprecedented level of security and management with MobiControl for the latest Apple iOS 7 devices including iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

iOS 7 is equipped with powerful new BYOD-friendly features for today's mobile enterprise, with an emphasis on security and Apple's beautiful native user experience. Combined with MobiControl's all new enrollment, configuration, and app management, you can confidently make the most out of iOS 7 devices in your enterprise.

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Move BYOD Forward with SOTI MobiControl

Global adoption rates for BYOD are on the rise, putting increasing pressure on enterprises to simplify security without compromising user experience. MobiControl and iOS 7 provide a seamless, secure solution that doesn't require a cumbersome wrapping process to secure apps, multiple passwords, or a bolted-on third party browser to navigate the web. With SOTI MobiControl, the experience is pure iOS, with the security and control to move BYOD forward in your enterprise.


2016 Pie Chart

By 2016: 38% of companies will stop giving employees devices

2018 Pie Chart

By 2018: 70% of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices

SOURCES: 1 Gartner Executive Programs Global CIO Survey, 2013
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Streamlined Enrollment

Enrolling iOS 7 devices is easy with SOTI MobiControl. Corporate-liable devices are enrolled out-of-the-box, saving time and support calls and allowing users to get up and running quickly. Employee owned devices can be enrolled in seconds through a simple web based enrollment process. Streamlined enrollment simplifies IT provisioning for end users, getting them up and running quickly and easily while saving time and reducing support calls for the IT department.

Enterprise Single Sign-On

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality greatly reduces "password fatigue" by providing users with a single identity across all enterprise and App Store applications. IT administrators can define an account and specify target applications that will authenticate using SSO credentials. Users can finally say goodbye to multiple passwords and securely access their apps faster than ever before. By unifying user identity, MobiControl keeps users productive and reduces "I forgot my password" calls, freeing up IT resources. Flexible policies allow IT administrators to add and remove applications and users as required.

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Seamless Out-Of-The-Box Configuration

With SOTI MobiControl, iOS 7 devices can be seamlessly configured out-of-the-box so that employees are ready to get to work immediately with their own or a corporate-supplied iOS 7 device. MobiControl's comprehensive over-the-air provisioning can push Wi-Fi settings, application configurations, AirPrint and AirPlay settings, and even custom font libraries in seconds to managed devices. Users no longer have to call IT to request access to a printer or to make a presentation — their device is always configured to use the right corporate assets and equipment. And when an employee changes roles or locations, policies are updated seamlessly on the device without the need for the user to enter lengthy URLs or network paths.

Managed Open-In

BYOD security is made easy with SOTI MobiControl and Managed Open-In on iOS 7. MobiControl can designate the applications that are allowed to view and open documents and attachments for improved security and data loss prevention (DLP) controls. For example, enterprise documents and attachments can be made available only through enterprise approved applications, reducing the risk that sensitive corporate data is left out in the open.

MobiControl Documents
MobiControl Lockdown

Per App VPN

With SOTI MobiControl, IT administrators can mandate VPN connectivity for specific Enterprise or App Store applications to secure in-transit data. Apps can be configured to use VPN tunnel automatically when launched on the device, providing greater control over data loss and use of corporate network resources. In a recent survey, 76% of IT leaders cited security as the greatest challenge to embracing BYOD , with integration issues between the security platform and consumer apps cited as a critical pain point. With MobiControl and Per-App VPN on iOS 7, BYOD can be secured without cumbersome application wrapping schemes, making it an excellent solution for supporting employee-owned iOS devices and moving forward with BYOD.

Single App Mode

SOTI MobiControl can lock iOS 7 devices into a single application and control the options available within the application. For example, administrators can disable use of hardware buttons such as the ringer switch, volume, and sleep/wake buttons to keep users concentrated on the task at hand. Single App Mode is ideal for verticals like Education and Healthcare that need the focus and control of a purpose-built device without being locked into an expensive, proprietary hardware and software ecosystem.

Single App Mode Demonstration
Content Filtering

Intelligent Content Filtering

IT administrators can easily implement acceptable use policies for web browsing with SOTI MobiControl's Intelligent Content Filtering. Users can enjoy the great user experience of the native Safari browser on their iOS device without the need for third party browsers. With Intelligent Content Filtering, IT can create policies that use Apple's own intelligent filtering infrastructure to prevent access to unsafe, inappropriate or objectionable content. MobiControl also supports custom whitelists and blacklists that can be used independently of Apple's filtering criteria. Whether you choose AutoFilter, Whitelist, or Blacklist modes, MobiControl ensures a safe, secure, and acceptable browsing experience.

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